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  2. 12 Hello, everyone. This is my first time submitting information. I am enjoying reading everyones messages related to the nursing profession. I have a delimma. I have a bachelor degree in Biological Science, and I am considering going back to school to get a degree in nursing. I am just not sure of type of degree that I should persue. I have been accepted into three different nursing programs. One is a two year degree program. This program seems appealing to me, but I am on a waiting list. The program is in such a great demand I have to wait three years before I can start clinicials. So, I think that this is a waste of time. The other program is a four year private school. The school will take all of my undergraduate credits. This will will allow me to start the clinicals this fall. However, being a private school it is very expensive. I am not sure if it makes sense for me to pay over 23k to complete another bachelor degree; especially when it will take me three years to complete. If I started the program this fall I would complete the program the spring of 2005. Then there is the three year master degree program. It requires that I have a grade point average (GPA) over 3.3. At present, my GPA is a little lower than what is required. I am thinking about repeating a few classes to raise it. This program is designed for people like me. It is for Non-Nursing Degree Students that want to get a master degree in nursing. In fifteen months, I would complete the requirements for a BSN, plus have completed nine undergraduate credits towards my masters. This program is very expensive as well. It will cost me 30k to get the BSN and nine master degree credits towards a MSN. However, if I complete the masters at the college it would cost an additional 20k. I am not sure about what I should do. Since I have start reading this website it seems that most nurses start out with salaries between 30-40k or less for a undergraduate degree. I presently make over 45k. Going back to school for anyone of the nursing programs would mean that I would have to quit my current job. Has anyone out there had a similar delimma? Please let me know that what you think would be the best choice. :rolleyes: