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  1. Heidi W

    suggested reading for lpn student

    I am about 2 months into my lpn program, and the biggest thing I've had trouble with is the tests, I don't know if every place does it, but my program writes their tests in an nclex format, so i bought a book on how to take the nclex test, and it has helped. some of the others have a "test taking strategies for nursing school" book. and they said it's great too. Just a suggestion to help learn how to test well.
  2. Heidi W

    Is anyone STAYING a LPN???????

    I am planning on being an LPN for a while at least. My husband is working now so that I can go through school, and then after I get my lpn I'll work and he'll go to school. Besides that, I really think I'll like being an lpn and don't think I'll want to put myself through more stressful nursing school! It might be different if I lived somewhere that doesn't let lpn's do iv therapy, but here we do, so that's enough for me :)
  3. Heidi W


    I start in January, I haven't got my schedule yet. But now I have to start getting all my -you know what- togther in the next couple of weeks.
  4. Heidi W


    First, congrats to you! Now I have to share my excitement because I just opened my acceptance letter 10 minutes ago and I'm so happy! This was my second try so I was really nervous and going crazy! I'm a little nervous about starting now. (I always have something to be nervous about :)) But I'm more excited than anything! Good Luck!
  5. Heidi W

    Hospital versus LTC...

    I definately enjoy the hospital much much much more. My first job was in a rather run down LTCF though, very understaffed, never had enough gloves, linens, you name it. And honestly-not to be mean but I just didn't like working with geriatrics that much. Everyday is pretty much the same. In the hospital you see a lot of different things, meet alot of different people and are usually well-staffed, organized and co-workers are typically much nicer to work with. I have also worked in home-health and I really enjoyed that. The people are usually very interesting and appreciate you coming. The main reason I switched to the hospital was the low compensation for gas/car maintenance didn't actually cover gas and maintanence. Everyone's different and you really just have to find your own little niche. The best advice I can give you though is if you not happy with a job-give it a few more weeks and if it doesn't get any better, find something else!
  6. Heidi W

    Difference between LTC facilities and Hospital CNA

    Hi, I went from LTC to a peds floor at the hospital and it is soooo different...I don't know where to begin. I love the hospital. The main thing I think is the difference in attitudes...from the patients and the staff. I'm still learning, but I know I'm going to love it. I have alot less patients with alot less demanding care. And I do more "nursing" type stuff, it seemed like in LTC all I did was change briefs and clean up. I don't reget working in LTC for a while b/c I learned some valuable lessons there, but this is where I want to be when I get my RN.
  7. Heidi W

    Can an LPN challenge the NCLEX-RN....

    Thanks guys, that seemed really weird to me, but I thought I would ask anyway. I'll bet maybe she was thinking about distance education and got her info wrong.
  8. without going back to school? I am going to LPN school in the fall (hopefully) and a nurse where I work said she thought an LPN could study study study and pay like $1000 to take the NCLEX-RN exam without going through more school. Does anyone know anything about this?
  9. Heidi W

    Pedi PCA

    Really? I thought about doing the hospital's nursing program, but I just don't know if I can afford it! What is an auxillary scholarship? And how much would I have to work to get the tuition reimbursement?
  10. Heidi W

    Pedi PCA

    I've heard that, but the CC just started their ASN program and they said I have to get my LPN before I do the RN program, but I'm hoping I can just keep going and get my RN pretty fast.
  11. Heidi W

    Pedi PCA

    It is a small world! I met another girl on here who's going to school w/ me too! I hope we can run into eachother sometime. That's one thing I miss out on, working in home health, is having co-workers/friends to talk to. So you think it's a good decision to go PCA-LPN-RN?
  12. Heidi W

    Pedi PCA

    That's me!!! She said good things I hope? :)
  13. Heidi W

    Pedi PCA

    Hello all, I just got a job at a local hospital on the Pediatric unit as a PCA. I'll work in the evenings every other weekend. I'm really exicted about it! I'm going to school at the local CC and applying for NS for Fall 08. I already work with elderly pts. as a home health aide, but I have always wanted to work in pediatrics! And I thought that this would help me when I get my LPN. I know it's alot to do, but as a hha I have alot of time that my pts are sleeping or I'm in the laundry room so I get to study alot at work. Has anyone got any advice/stories that might help me?:icon_roll
  14. Heidi W

    Let's spice it up, MO!

    Yes, I want to do the LPN program, work for a while and then do the RN bridge program. Everyone I've talked to says OTC has a really great nursing program and I looked at their pass rates and it's like 99% for the past 6 years. I'm actually taking my pre-reqs at the OTC-Richwood Valley campus in Ozark though.
  15. Heidi W

    Let's spice it up, MO!

    I can't believe it! I live in Rogersville too! I'm a little apprehensive about saying that on the internet, but it's just so crazy! I'm going to OTC, doing my pre-reqs starting in Jan. and applying for the nursing program for next August. Right now I'm an in-home aide with Oxford. I think I want to stay with them after I get my nursing degree. I love working with the older patients and Oxford pretty much lets me work when I want. I may try to get on at St John's or Cox, because I've never worked at a hospital and I might love it. I'm just excited about becoming a nurse! Well nice to meet someone else in this little town Want to know something funny? I grew up in fordland, so Rogersville is like big-city living to me---I mean you forgot to mention there's a chinese restaurant and oreilly's!!!
  16. Heidi W

    Climbing the ladder to Nursing

    Hm...well I don't know about the programs in your area, but here in Missouri, Medical Assistant programs are pretty pricey and take about 1-2 years, but at the Comm College the CNA program is shorter and cheaper. If you do the Med Assist. you could do that for a long time and probably be happy with it as a career, whereas I really don't think you want to stay as a CNA forever, but if you get on at a good facility they may be more willing to work with you on your schedule (to work 1-2 days a week you'd probably end up working long shifts on weekends) and if you do home health you can pretty much work when you want (again depending on the company). So if I were you, I would actually go to your local CC and try to talk to a career advisor or counselor and they may be able to assess your situation better than me :)) btw-I know that with all the changes in healthcare they don't do alot of shadowing anymore, but have you called your local hospital and asked about shadowing?