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Cviburnum's Latest Activity

  1. Cviburnum

    Non Medical Home Care -

    I am also interested in an Adult Foster Care. Does anyone have any input?
  2. Cviburnum

    RNFA question

    Does anyone have any idea how much RNFA's make per hour?
  3. Cviburnum

    RRT -Want to be a PACU NURSE!

    I may have an idea
  4. Cviburnum

    Views on New Grads Entering Critical Care

    I do not understand what is the big fuss about New Grads in specialty areas. We all started new in life in one thing or another. To some nurses, the idea that there will be someone available and ready to replace them is scarrrrry! or is it? There are some people who feel proud to think after they are gone, the world will collapse simply because they could not be replaced. It is time that Nurses old and new start working together for the continuum of Nursing. After all (older nurses), it is in your best interest to accept new grads and train them well, for, they will be the ones caring for you soon! Acceptance makes the world a better place!