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  1. Alberta LPN Just curious to know if you had to take any added skills to work in the dermatology clinic, sounds like you have a large role inclusive of suturing ....wow, sounds like a very interesting place to work. Never seen those postings come up.
  2. Just curious to know how many older LPNs are making the bridge to RNs and do they feel it will be worth their while from a employment perspective. I think it will take me approximately 5 years part-time as I work full-time I worry that it might not be beneficial to leave a full-time LPN job to start over as a RN when I finish. Anyone share my thoughts? The program definately is not easy, I find I am tired when I come home from work , I know blah blah blah.
  3. carz

    What is the future for LPNs in canada

    [i am so glad to hear all your comments and they all sound very positive.... I hope this is the trend, as I would hate to think that all our skills and experience would not be recognized as a vital contribution to our over extended healthcare sytem.
  4. carz

    What is the future for LPNs in canada

    I hope you are right, sometimes we tend to follow suite of other areas, sorry not trying to sound like a pessimist, but just concerned. I was the cray woman in her late 4os who started the RN program but I just don't feel like putting all that work in at this point in my life, so I will continue as a LPN, but I do worry about our future. Whats with the new hospital in Calgary will they staff LPNs?
  5. "]I have been checking many blogs lately USA and United K iIngdom looks like many areas are reducing the amount of employment for LPNs and some areas have actually stopped offering the programs (such as enrolled nurse in England.) It is kind of scarey, I have about another 15 years to work (as a LPN) and I see many have been displaced after about the same amount of time or more. Do any of you feel this trend may happen in Canada?
  6. ]I just wondered if they are doing away with Enrolled nurses in Australia, I have been told they no longer offer the program in England is this correct? I am curious because the states seem to want to do the same thing with LPNs.
  7. Wow, yiou are an ambitious lady! I use to live in Southern Ontario, I worked at the Dieu, are you familiar with it?
  8. Just curious Whoopi Did you have any trouble finding employment as a RN when you graduated? I know that age is not suppose to be a factor but I just wondered if it was hard to find work. Also wondering where you are located. Cheers, Carz
  9. carz

    Future of the RN in Canada?

    I think there will be a increase ratio for LPN to RN simply because of the scope increase and the wage difference, however this being said, I still think there will always be the mentality of both the public and other nursing categories not recognizing the LPN as a nurse. this is very unfortunate as I feel both categories can compliment each other immensely.
  10. Fiona, Do you truly think that it will ever happen? I think for me that is one of the biggest problems with being a LPN is not being recognized as a nurse. You would think that at 47 I would be over this but... it always comes back to bite you in .....
  11. Thankyou for your help, I am located in Alberta so Athabasca would be my option. I am sure there are many other LPNs who feel the same.
  12. Hi everyone I have been a LPN for the past fifthteen years, and I have worked in many different areas and know matter how much I may enjoy the area, after a while the nagging desire to be a RN always returns. Why? Are wage is not so bad... okay it could be better! Maybe it is job security or maybe just a feeling of inadequacy, what ever the case it always comes up. My dilemma is I cannot afford to go back to school full time ,(I work full time) Iknow I can take it through Athabasca university but it will take approx 7 years! I will be 54 by then! Most nurses retire at 60. I guess I just wanted to vent and get some other perspectives on this. Feel free to speak your mind I will not be offended,am I being rediculous, should I just be content being a LPN?
  13. Instead of recruiting all the foriegn nurses at a costly venture, why doesnt the government assist with bridgeing LPNs to RNs?
  14. Just wondering if any of you can give a idea of what could be causing my son to have blood tinged sputum. Here is a little history, about a week and a half ago he started with a bit of a low grade fever lasted only 2 days . He did c/o sore throat however on inspection it looked a little red no pustlules or white patches present. Then after 3 days it disappeared. He does have a slight asthma and we give him ventolin prn he also recieves flovent. After giving him his ventolin yesterday he started with a severe nosebleed lasting approximately 8 min. After applying pressure to brigde of nose x 10 min it stopped. now this evening he has started with bright sang sputum. not large amounts approximately size of a nickle. Some seem to be clot like others just mixed in with sputum. No c/o of chest pain or fever present. occasional dry cough present. I do plan on taking him to a walk in clinic tomorrow however I wondered if any of you seasoned ped nurses may have any insight for me.
  15. May be this will clear up the confusion, at present I work in a rehab hospital on a sub-acute floor. We deal with neuro rehab cva,s head injury , mva ect. When I said each nurse had her own patient load I meant just that. We have what they call pods, and one pod is manned by a RN and a couple of aides another pod a LPN and a couple of aides both doing the same work load. We all work as a team and respect each others nursing functions. For what ever reason the whole point was lost in this conversation it was not who was in charge it was about not referring to LPN,S as aides.
  16. RPN,s are LPN,s I trained as a RPN in Ontario however the Ontario program is now diploma where as sask, manitoba, and alberta have not gone diploma yet.One is a registered practical nurse the other a licensed practical nurse same scope of practice. However Ontario and Bc PAY BETTER!