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  1. VickyRN How have you incorporated affective learning into your classroom? I think this is one domain of learning that is often neglected or difficult to achieve. I know I have been working hard at bringing this area of learning into the classroom set...
  2. VickyRN, have you tried group work. For example: Think, Pair ,Share. This requires a topic to be assigned ahead of time. Groups are made and all work is done outside of the classroom. Then on the day of class, time can be allotted for the group to co...
  3. Vicky, A good review between passive and active learning. I think it more important to dialogue with the students than relying only on technology. Sim Man has a place, but that should not be the only answer. I try to vary my teaching styles in the c...
  4. The Doctor said WHAT?

    Are you sure they weren't just doing a good "Got ya". Especially knowing that you were listening in. If they were for real, I bet they don't have very good rapport with the nursing staff. I pity them and their patients. Their attitude will affect bot...
  5. Can a peds nurse become a nurse educator?

    Educators in pediatrics are in great demand. We are a rare breed. Good luck in school and as a future peds. educator.
  6. Tips for Making Your Clinical Day Better

    Hi, I create a grid at the start of a rotation.I teach peds. so I need to keep track of age groups that students work with. The same could be for any focus that you have. Columns include: Name of student & absences if any; written work & pull...
  7. In addition to the traditional NCP, our school incorporates a "correlation map"". Basically this means, identifying the nursing diagnoses that apply to the patient and then drawing arrows (one directional or two) to indicate how one nursing diagnosis...