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  1. I just wanted to suggest changing the name of this specialty. "Addiction" is a dated term. Currently the term Substance Use Disorder or SUD treatment nurse would be appropriate. The history of the word addiction denotes a mental/moral failure and not...
  2. Working at Substance Abuse Outpatient clinic

    I've worked in a MAT clinic for awhile. Dosing the right client with the right dose is very important. Always do a mini assessment when dosing clients. Look for any impairment. Eyes don't lie. It's fun job! I love it.
  3. I've worked at a MAT (medical assisted treatment) clinic for five years. I took the job because it worked with my home life so well. I work 4-hour shifts. I have a great group of nurses I work with. We work in a small room dispensing methadone, and s...
  4. Only working in Home Health??

    I have worked in home care since I graduated from nursing school. Now after seven years I'm confused too. I have LOVED home care and have been happy. But honestly I have not been given opportunities for my skills to grow. I have been too busy doing a...
  5. Transition from home care to hospital ?

    Thank you! I work for two different agencies and neither offer that kind of service. It's mostly PT, wounds, DM, CHF etc. However I think I will look into other agencies that do offer that kind of care. It's a struggle because I am truly happy with m...
  6. Home health vs. acute care

    I've only done home care. I've just been so happy I've never wanted to go to a hospital. I love my patience and would miss caring for them.
  7. Home Health Care Pay

    I work two home care jobs. One I get paid $38/hour, and the other I get paid $32/visit. I think I'm over paid. But that's ok with me.
  8. Home care. It's been so great as a mom. Start around 8am, done by 5pm, but if you are with a good agency you could arrange to be done by 2 or 3 pm. You are paid per visit (I am). Pay is good. Weekends off. It's not hard to arrange pt visits to go to ...
  9. Long...but HELP!

    Seriously DON? I'm sorry for your situation. If your only working prn I would probably quit. That's not a good place to work. Maybe it's the easy way out but really who needs the drama? Not worth it for prn. They should really make it a priority to f...
  10. I went right into home care nursing right out of nursing school. I have loved it for six years, however I have NO skills. Well I have done hundreds of admission assessments and field visits but I have never started an IV, worked with a ventilator, et...