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  1. CherryAmes

    Company charges RN's to contract for UR.

    I called the chamber of commerce in Laguna Niguel, CA. The person answering stated that she could say that the company address was a residential location, that it was the same address as a company called Advanced Medical Resources that had been in business last year and that the company was not a member of the chamber of commerce. She also said that she had received similar enquiries from all over the country. There was another ad in the paper last week with similar wording but a slightly different phone number. Same area code. It sounds like a major scam and I hope that no one is caught in this fish net.
  2. I just received a letter from Pacific Labs in Laguna Niguel, CA offering $30 per survey to review health surveys. The catch is they want $68 up front "to enter you in the computer system and send necessary materials" Has anyone out there done work for this company? If so, were there any problems? Thanks for the imput.
  3. CherryAmes

    Home Health Association

    Are you talking about the National Association for Home Care (NAHC)or one specifically for nurses?
  4. CherryAmes

    Anyone CHPQ certified?

    I am taking the test in November and would appreciate any helpful hints.
  5. CherryAmes

    06:16 PM

    Check out www.hcfa.org then go to OASIS. It even has it's own website with Q&A and updates. We started OASIS in Sept participating in the state associations pilot computer program. Unfortunately the program only contains the MO questions. So, it's still paper and pen. Our admit went from 3 pages to 20 pages, mostly check the box questions. Our nurses found that it was like taking a test you have to read every word to answer it correctly.