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  1. airforce07

    autism and burns

    anyone upthere that can share some tips on how to keep burn dressings on a child?' let me know please.
  2. airforce07

    New assignment to Burn ICU

    how is your assignment going? so I guess by now your familiar with the following: 1. Parkland formula 2. fentanyl, versed, morphine and ativan gtts for sedation... in high doses... 3. unusual vent settings to prevent barotrauma... I was reviewing this site... thought to answer your question... thanks air rn:saint:
  3. airforce07

    Parkland Formula Help

    here is an example: 4ml. 60%. 70kg= 16800 1st 8 hours is half= 8400 your rate should be 8400:8= 1050ml/hr next 16 hours is also 8400... so ... that number divided in 16= 525 ml/hr wishing this assists you ... thanks air rn:typing
  4. airforce07

    BICU working ICU in the future

    I believe that if you work in the trauma/adult ICU for at least 2 years... you should be able to handle the Burn ICU... in my hosptal .. . strong ICU background is required prior working in the Burn Unit... thanks
  5. airforce07

    help with the brooke formula for burns

    hi tia: hopefully this gives you a more clear understanding for your question... your understanding of the basics is excellent... now don"t get distracted from the half of the volume you are do in in 8 hours... ok... here we go a more clear example... 8000 ml lr is your total half to recover this burn victim during his first 8 hours right? so what you do next is important... when you are getting report make sure you have a clear idea of what the patient got in the field...(paramedics, airflight etc.) then how much the patient got in er... now lets say... your patient got 3300 total... from the time of the burn... 0700 and you got him in your unit at 1000 in the morning... all you have to do is substract. so... 8000-3300=4700 ml left for you to infuse in the next 5 hours. now there are other factors you should look closely... 1. urine output 50ml/hr at least 2. hypotension... not enough lr fluid replacement... you might have to adjust your formula maybe to 4ml.tbsa.kg 3. tachycardia... again look for hypovolemic shock signs and symptoms... 4. hypothermia... please pay close attention for this sign as this is the most cardinal and critical sign to monitor and manage in your burn patient... thanks air burn nurse...
  6. airforce07

    very bottom on UP!!

    hi there::monkeydance: be prepare to have adrenaline, sad and rewarding moments have the just do it attitude enjoy and remember why you became a nurse but most importantly work as a TEAM and you will appreciate the outcomes thanks