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  1. :crying2:Here is a question that I am having a hard time doing, or rather not knowing how to do it and I have gotten a bit discouraged....please help me here is a practice IV math question also can you tell me what the abbreviations SW is? Sorry but...
  2. I have a exam on monday and have no idea how to get figure it all out. My instructor gave us some calculations to work on as practice, can someone please explain the steps on how to figure out the following 3 questions please I want to so badly pass ...
  3. I am studying and have an exam tomorrow, can someone please explain how I can solve this sort of question please
  4. that is how the question is.....
  5. I have an exam in the am tomorrow and don't understand this.......Please please please someone help me...... here is the question..... You find that there is 150mL of D5W left in and IV. The IV is infusing at micro 60 gtt/min. HOw many hours will the...
  6. here is the question administer 3000mL D5 0.45%NS in 24 hr. Drop factor 10 gtt/mL.... please explain in as simple terms as possible...........I need to get a handle on this......Thank you Hope everyone had a great weekend=)
  7. dr's order: run 5% D?W at 100mL/Hr Drop factor=10ggt/mL please someone explain...:typing
  8. I need your advice please - Please read

    do you all think it is necessary for me to follow up with a list of specific behaviors and a plan for each of them, as my instructor instructed?
  9. I need your advice please - Please read

    I understand what you are saying, now I even feel worse than I felt in the first place, I am terrible, I should have just left it alone in the first place.
  10. I need your advice please - Please read

    Thanks Daytonite I have stopped emailing. I won't email any more. I am just scared that maybe she wants me to write down such things so that it dismisses the other instructors mistake and make me look like in the wrong. Honestly I don't believe I wa...
  11. I need your advice please - Please read

    Here is the reply that I have recieved from one of my instructors not the instructor that sent me the email but whom the email was intended for.......................... thank you for your apology. the college is changing your HC mark on website from...
  12. I need your advice please - Please read

    thanks for the advice
  13. I need your advice please - Please read

    sadly and painfully no.
  14. I need your advice please - Please read

    Daytonite I don't think you understand how I feel, perhaps if this sort of thing has happened to you, you might understand. And no I don't like talking to much, I am sorry I don't mean any disrespect but that is just not me. I am usually a quiet pers...
  15. I need your advice please - Please read

    oh after sitting awhile and regretting the way I over-reacted I feel terrible and sad regret. I have sent emails apologizing to both instructors and hoping that they don't send me to the wolves and set me up for failure:( I am discouraged and would l...