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  1. US-RN

    Professional courtesy from police at traffic stops

    I live in Chesterfied, Va. and work in Richmond, Va. and I guess that my police officers are just the common vernacular for penises, but because the last 3 tickets that I got (which were over a 12 year period) have been for stupid things and twice I was actually in uniform coming or going to work. The other time leaving the gym parking lot. Twice the tickets where for not having my wheels come to a complete stop at the corner stop sign when turning. And once was going around a garbage truck on a 2 lane road (one lane each way). Needless to say, I hate cops. I think that just mess with people. I never donate to their cause when the phone for solicitation. And I just wish that one of the ones who ticketed me needed my help at some point so that I could remind them of such. If I could remember them. As it is, we did have one cop (but he was a detective) and I treated him as I would "want to be treated" not as their kind treats me. :uhoh21:
  2. US-RN

    Getting back on track.

    While I had always thought I would be a nurse and did get my BSN, I never wanted to be a bedside nurse or even work in a hospital. I went there out of college because I listened to people tell me that I should "go to Med-Surg to gain experience. Hind sight is of course 20-20 vision. I tell all of the student nurses who come though NOT to listen to ppl who say that IF they already know that they have a desire to be in a certain area of nursing. As a new grade, and with the nursing shortage, most places will teach you what they want you to know out of school. The same is NOT true of "seasoned nurses". It has been my experience that once you are in an area for an period of time, you tend to get "locked" into it. Other area don't readily give you the opportunity to more into an area that you might find more fulfilling. In my case I have been in Med-Surg for 9 years with a 5 year break thrown in between that time to do Utilization Review (all within the same government agency). The problem is that I have always wanted to work in a doctor's office or clinic even out of college. Now I have to figure out how to get back on track so that I can actually enjoy the nursing field since I absolutely HATE everything about the hospital setting except for the pay. Unfortunately since I have been there for a while, I also have to take into consideration the pay cut (this would not have been an issue right out of school, because I was making minimum wages then) and the fact that I have a son now in college, a house and other bills. I have been looking to see if there is some refresher course that I can take to put me in a better position to make a move as opposed to having to go back and get a Masters in a field like community health or some such thing. It is frustrating, disheartening, and scary to be in a position like this especially if you have a tendency to be a rationale thinker who does not just "take leaps of faith" without knowing to a reasonable certainty that the plan is also reasonable and doable. :-(
  3. US-RN

    Getting Divorced During Nursing School

    I went though a separation and divorce during nursing school also. My son was less than a year old when I started going to school for my 4 year degree. I worked multiple jobs for what equated to full time hours, went to school full time and also took care of my son. I got little rest and I sacrificed like crazy because I was only married to my husband for little over a year and there was definitely going to be no alimony. As a matter of fact I barely even got child support at that time. Still, I managed to go straight though without failing one course or having to send my son to live with anyone. My mind set was that I could sacrifice for that 4 years and know that after that I would be able to make a living which would allow me to take care of both me and my son, or I could spend the rest of my life working 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet. Even today I look back and barely remember some of it since my life was a blur of activity back then. I am sure that you can do it, just know that it will not be easy.
  4. US-RN

    Nurses are Pathetic!!

    You shouldn't even have to ask the question of majority or minority. I am assuming that you have actually talked to your co-workers over your "too many to count" years in the profession. Not just spoke to management and your patients. Or were you one of those ones who just discounted every negative thing that any fellow nurse had to say over your many years of service?
  5. US-RN

    Contacted Oprah Show About Nursing Issues

    Ben, like the other nurses I am glad that your job is all peaches and cream, but in reading many of the post can you not even entertain the thought that you are in the minority and NOT the majority where that is concerned. Obviously not everyone can work in your hospital or even in your geographical area. Can you spare a little sympathy for the rest of us?
  6. US-RN

    Nurses are Pathetic!!

    Off course school nurses are real nurses. ALL nurse BSN prepared RN's are equal and so forth. We are all just trying to find our niche. Bravo for you!
  7. US-RN

    Nurses are Pathetic!!

    I am so very glad that we nurses have a place to voice our feeling, opinions and the facts of our jobs. I don't think that any of us are wrong in what we say, because we are saying what we feel and see. Just as we are taught that "pain is whatever the patient says it is", we feel and have the right to feel whatever we do based on what we have gone through in our professions. Nursing is HARD. It is a job, it is not a calling. We have families and commitments which dictate our choices and still we DO have the right to be respected as we do our job. I am glad for those in our profession who have been blessed enough to have found their niche in nursing right away and never had the loads of crap that others of us have had to endure. But the fact is that some of us did not have a clear enough idea of all aspects of nursing to choice the area right for us right off the bat and instead listened to those we thought that we could trust to steer us in the right direction. We all do the best we can. We all deserve respect for trying to do the best we can. None of us need to be made to feel like crap because we choose to move towards something that might bring us more peace and happiness. After all, isn't that what life is about after you have enough to take care of your basic needs?
  8. US-RN

    Nurses are Pathetic!!

    I am an BSN, RN on a Medicine telemetry floor since June 06. Prior to that I did Utilization Review for 5 years. Prior to that I was on a surgical floor for 8 years. All within that same hospital. On April 1st, will go back to the surgical floor. I don't particularly care for my facility. Fact is that I DO make a lot of money since graduating in 1993. I have a son now in his 1st year of college. I have been divorced since 91. I HAVE to have a certain amount of job security, so I stay. Fact also, is that I NEVER wanted to work on a ward. I wanted to be a clinic or doctor's office nurse. I listened to people tell me out of college that I should get experience on the floor. Instead I should have gone directly into a clinic or doctor's office. I feel then I would have been happier. NO, I would not make the money that I do now, but perhaps I would not have needed as much. I would love to be HAPPY in my job. PLEASE, try to go into the area that YOU want. As a new grad, they will train you in what ever you want to do. After you've been in the profession a while, you get pigeon hold into a certain job and those around you tend to either think that you can't do something else, or they just don't want to take the time to train you in that other area. Good luck to you.
  9. US-RN

    Good Bye to Nursing for me...

    To restate what should now be obvious...Yes, please keep your license current. Enjoy your baby and realize that there are many areas of nursing. You are blessed in having someone there who can support you while you sort things out. Find the area of nursing that will actually bring you peace, joy and fulfillment. It is out there. I haven't gotten to it yet, but for me I believe it lies in a doctor's office or a clinic. I will continue to move about until I get it. :-)
  10. I've been and RN since June of 1993 and fell into Med-Surg nursing here in Virginia at one of the Veteran's Hospitals. My son is now in college and I'm restless due to my discontent in the direction my career has gone so I've started doing research to find a new niche. It is kind of disheartenin to find that even in the UK, we as RNs experience the same problems of being overworked and underappreciated by patient, families, doctors and such. Most times, i just want to go away somewhere and start over fresh. But at present I still have a personal obligation to get my son through college. Life is funny, huh?