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TeleRN2010 has 11 years experience as a ADN, BSN, MSN and specializes in APRN, FNP-C.

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  1. TeleRN2010

    Any post acute/LTC NPs here?

    For those of you who work for a acute rehabilitation hospital, post acute rehab facility, or long term care as a NP, will you please state how you obtained your position and your suggestions for others who want to work in those types of facilities? I've been in nursing for over 10 years, working in hospitals in telemetry, ICU, med/surg, & case management. I recently passed my FNP boards and now am licensed in one state and pending licensing in another. I would like to work in the post acute or LTC setting as a new NP and would love to know if there are better ways to look for jobs, other than job boards. The NP jobs are not listed on the facility sites, only nursing and other positions. Job boards like Indeed and others have hundreds of applicants when something is posted. I would love insight into going around that. Thank you!
  2. Well, after a couple of years of experience you can do agency nursing and make a little more. My agency job pays me $36 an hour for some assignments. I know nurses who work a full time job and pick up shifts with an agency. I don't pick up many shifts because quality of life becomes an issue (I need time for my kids and boyfriend), but there are ways to make more money. I even know nurses who work two full time jobs. If you don't need benefits, then agency nursing may be right for you when you get experience. However, I wonder why you did not consider becoming a dental hygienist if money is your reason for going into nursing. I would think the hours and pay are better for that profession than nursing. However, get a little experience under you, and there are many areas to go into that would pay you more money once you do become a nurse, just don't expect it right away.
  3. TeleRN2010

    Is it age, or is it overwhelming to be a nurse?

    It is a demanding profession, regardless of age. I am 11 years younger than you and this is also my second career. I like the flexibility of 12 hour shifts at times, but I would also like to be able to get my kids to their extracurricular activities and not have to work on weekends (their game days) or on holidays. I also believe that I am becoming burnt out on bedside nursing and I've only been at it 3 years! I'm just thankful for all of the other opportunities nurses have, so getting the degree and license was worth it.
  4. TeleRN2010

    Kindred Healthcare

    Anyone on here ever work for Kindred in the St. Louis area? I'd like to know about them. They're offering a 5000 sign on bonus. Thanks in advance.
  5. Are you referring to acute dialysis in a hospital or acute care setting, or chronic dialysis in a clinic? I'm interviewing for a acute dialysis position. Thanks.
  6. TeleRN2010

    Phone interview with DaVita next Tuesday (11/22)...need pointers!

    I heart, did you get the job? How did your interview go? I have a telephone interview with them as well.
  7. LizAnn, did you get the position? I have a telephone interview with the company next week.