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  1. azrn08

    Verification of NG tube placement

    CXR ..listening for placement is part of our shift assessment only.
  2. azrn08

    NG out-what to do?

    I say you were right...CYA in your nurses note state something like @ such time pt found in distress coughing/chocking NG tube was likely the source therefore I pulled the NG tube to find only approx. 3 inches still in place. After NG pulled pt found to be a great deal more comfortable. Dr notified and no new orders received.
  3. azrn08

    "Don't waste your time getting your BSN..."

    ADN is Associates Degree of Nursing Hope that helps
  4. azrn08

    Quick ??? About Good Stethoscope

    Definitely Littman. I actually have a Master Cardio (present from hubby) but I had an instructor who said if your going to invest, invest in the best and it sure came in handy when first trying to distinguish the difference in lung sounds. I often have others in clinicals who ask if they can use it. Best of luck to you
  5. As for me i bought all of my hardcover books and I will use my PDA for references ie. drug classification and interactions.
  6. azrn08

    MA saying she's "the same as an RN"

    Now we know why nurses go through 'Burnout'
  7. I start my first semester Jan 29 and I'm excited about using my new PDA that my hubby just bought for me. I wanted a smartphone PDA so we decided on the UTStarcom as it has a bigger screen and WiFi. It carries the windows version but Epocrates supplies both windows and palm and I am more familiar with windows as that is what I use at home. I have chose to buy all of my books however I was surprised that many of them can be purchased as ebooks and transferred directly to my PDA. I do plan on buying a few but I wanted to wait and ask my instructors which ones they thought would be the most beneficial.
  8. azrn08

    Advice PLEASE - Considering Nursing @ 39

    Where are you located at? I had to take a class through Rio Salado and if I still lived in the valley that is where I would attend. They have an awesome support source with a lot of online courses and they are reasonably priced. They also start many courses every two weeks and have a variety of accelerated courses. Just a little food for thought. Their flexibility might allow you to work and attend with a lot less expensive. Good Luck!!
  9. azrn08

    LPN pay??

    Just curious how do you get into a program without your pre reqs being done? I was accepted at Yavapai and all pre reqs must be done before applying.
  10. azrn08

    NLN Pre-Entrance Exam

    Bought the book, barely studied did fine was accepted into the program. The just of it is a lot of common sense. If you've done your pre reqs and did okay you should do fine on the test. But remember while testing you must breathe!!!
  11. azrn08

    Advice PLEASE - Considering Nursing @ 39

    RMBnAz, Are you a 'zonie' I am a 38 year old Prescott Valley woman who was just accepted into the nursing program at Yavapai Community College. I was self employed for the last 20 years and I am going back to school full time. I have 2 teenage children and a wonderful and supporting husband but I must say that going down to one income definitely has its challenges. Thank G-- that Yavapai's tuition is only 6000 for the entire course books not included. Good luck to you and I'm sure you will do fine just keep your head up and stay focused.
  12. azrn08

    Who else is entering a nursing program that . . .

    The program that I was admitted into also requires the CNA class as a pre req. I think that the real issue here is that did we all not choose this profession to help people? Are we all that pre occupied that we are too good to get are hands dirty? If this is the case then maybe you chose the wrong profession. The CNA class for me was more about cleanliness and sanitation which I think a lot of us need, after all people it is only a 5-6 week course.
  13. azrn08

    Rio Salado Community College

    I was accepted at Yavapai (I live up north) but I needed a math class I took it at Rio and I was very pleased with them. I was able to enroll right away and finished the class within 2 weeks. I took my midterm after the first week and final the following. The instructor didn't respond as quickly as I was used to but they have a phenomenal support system and there are ways to get what you need. If I still lived in the valley I would attend their program without a doubt.
  14. azrn08

    Hello Everyone From Wisconsin!!

    I just took the NLN and was accepted into the nursing program. All I can tell you is that a lot of it is common sense stuff. I think if you have done your pre req's recently and you have got your mind working again you will do fine. I am a 38 year old woman who recently returned to college. If i can do so can you. Don't stress too much that clouds your mind. RELAX
  15. azrn08


    I am a 38 year old woman with 2 teenagers and I am starting all over. 3 years ago I went to the local CC and they were very discouraging; telling me that the program is really intense and you cannot work we don't advise somebody who has children and responsibilities to enter. That only drove me to start in a different direction by taking some online classes. This was helpful for reestablishing my confidence yet I wanted to be a nurse! Long story short do not let anything stand in the way to your dreams. I was excepted into the program and I start in January. They didn't like the fact that I took 16 credit hours and worked 2 days a week with an hour and a half drive one way and guess what I pulled A's. Amazing what a mind set can do. Strive on,:roll you can do this.
  16. azrn08

    Getting anxiety!!

    Chantilly, Just remember you are not the only one going through this. If I can make a career change after 20 years of being out of school I'm sure you will do fine. I start in January also Wee Hee