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  1. I am really sorry this happened to you. I absolutely hate nurses who do it. I had an EMT do that just the other day in front of the pt. He thought the pt was incoherent. He wasn't. Just old and frail and kept his eyes closed all the time. He answers when spoken to. I went over and reassurred the pt and gave him a hug and asked if I could do anything for him. He responded " no thank you ma'am". Well..the EMT nearly fell over. I just shook my head at him and said quietly to him.." That wasn't nice".

    Another gripe about an ego-driven doctor

    Who all have you reported this too? I would call the Nursing Supervisor immediately next time to come to the ER to witness it then. If no good of this, go to your manager asap and tell them that they are creating a "Hostile Work Environment". They usually don't like to hear those words.

    What would you call "Practicing Medicine"

    Woody, I think you mean "without a MD order" for these. Correct? Because our SOP allows us to do most of those things with an order. Even if I have an order for cutting someone , I don't think I can do that LOL.

    Hospice position

    I am an oncology nurse and I really think Hospice nurses have a very tough job. You have to be very flexible and knowlegdible in all aspects of nursing. Hats off to Hospice nurses everywhere!

    What would you do?

    It's doctors and assistants like these that make our profession bad to the public. I definitely would seek a personal inhury lawyer for advise.

    Good shoes for people with high arches?

    Danskos or a more comfortable clog like Dansko is made by http://www.candcsweden.com
  7. Hello everyone. Just a curious thought for the day. What examples for a nurse "Practicing Medicine" can you give. Ex: Giving meds without a MD order. Changing med dosage without MD order.

    Doctors who act childish!

    Thanks Daytonite, but unfortunately it's not an assertiveness issue. I am also know for my assertiveness (not aggressiveness) and this is one of the things that tick him off when I said no to something he wants done yesterday. We have nicknamed him "Rooster" for a reason.LOL. This guy moves around so fast all the time barking orders and not watching were he is going. He snatches charts out of our hands when we are talking and assessing pts.He also has a bad habit of if the nurses are busy he'll get the secretary or therapist to do the order and they end up doing it wrong because they don't know how to do it. Then the nurses get accused when the manager finds out.It makes it difficult because there are also two other MDs that we work for and they are the nicest MDs to be around. They put up with his behaviour too.

    Doctors who act childish!

    Hello everyone. I work with a MD who is so self-centered and childish it drives me nuts but not only that it is starting to affect the care I give my pts. I have spoke to the manager about this and she just laughs saying "Oh there's nothing I can do about that". What gets me the most about this MD is that he will only see the "best " pts in the clinic and expects those pts get treated before others do. Now, we do have the standard policy to treat all pts fairly but he doesn't seem to care.He also has a bad habit of sticking papers in your face while you are trying to do orders and things ( literally, he puts his papers in your face so you can't see the computer screen and waits for you to take them). I find this behavior unacceptable myself. I am asking you if there are any little tricks of the trade to get my point across to him not to act like this or things that will help the situation. And yes! I have talked with him and get no where. He also expects you to drop everything when he needs assistance too. Example. While I was doing an IV on a pt he expected me to stop and help him NOW!. I actually was just inserting the needle into the pts arm. I guess he wanted me to run at that time. By the way, he does this to all the nurses.Any help appeciated.:angryfire

    What is the proper way to resign?

    Check your hospital's policy for the amt of time you must give to resign. State in your resignation that you've enjoyed working there but because of you are moving to another State ( for whatever reason) you must resign.Don't put in anything negative about the place . That could lead to a bad reference in the future.

    Learn from mistakes

    The first year of nursing is always difficult. You feel clumsy and stupid. This is normal !!!If you are unsure of something , either look it up or ask for help. Admitting you don't know something doesn't mean you ar stupid. Mistakes do get made. Even after 25 yrs of nursing I still make mistakes but you learn from them.You are always going to run into people who think they are better than you. Remember to treat everyone the way you would want to be treated( especially the CNA's. They can be your best friend!!) Good Luck

    Precepting Questions

    I know that when I was in school , you got to pick medical or surgical but not the floor or preceptor. I would ask a few of the previous grads from your school if you can.

    Does anyone else find this disturbing?

    First of all ALL RNs are responsible for their own actions whether on a preceptorship or orientation. So that managaer has no right to say that. I would also check on that hospital's policy to see who can be a preceptor. Most hospitals do not allow agency workers to be one. I worked years as a agency RN and was not allowed to precept. I probably would not return to that unit again if you can avoid it. It sounds like trouble waiting to happen. They will always believe their own staff over agency I am sorry to say.

    looking for rn salaries in alabama and n. carolina

    I work in the Sandhills of NC and I make $22.00 with 25 yrs of experience. There good weekend diffs and the night shift I think makes $3.00 more/hr.

    Spin off of dating patients. RN's dating docs?

    Hey leslasic, Don't fret too much. He does have your number. Remember he answered your page from home. I have been in this profession for over 25 yrs and trust me , there are a lot of flirty Docs out there. Mind you most of them are married LOL. But if this guy is a Fellow, maybe he has been very busy and dating has not been on his agenda (as yet). Best of luck. You have everyone in my area watching for your posts!!


    Hi, I would be very careful on this. I am a foreign nurse myself and I KNOW how difficult it was to deal with the CGFNS to get all my certificates. You need these certificates to take the NCLEX and to obtain a work permit/visa in the USA. The Cgfns will only accept documents directly from your nursing school , not from you. These are not easy people to deal with. This nurse might be telling you stories just to get attention.But if you still feel strongly about this you can report her to the Board of Nursing in your State so they can look into this further.Good Luck.