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  1. salseranurse

    Why are nurses such back-stabbers?

    If they talk to you about other people, they'll talk about you to other people.
  2. salseranurse

    Why are nurses such back-stabbers?

    Agree with nurse hobit, it's kinda sad but many nurses suffer from low self esteem and therefore to boost there own moral they feel the need to put down there coworkers including management. No one is immune to it. Best thing to do is to encourage them to keep things on a professional level. If they are not happy with the way someone is handling things at work they should approach them as a concerned colleague. Afterall there are'nt enough of us in the profession and we truly wouldn't want to maliciously cause one of our peers to lose their license. No one wants to constantly be on their guard at work either. That makes for a very hostile environment and does not foster team work. Be the bigger person and walk away whe the backbiting begins. :trout:
  3. salseranurse

    Male RN-assist with pelvic exams?

    Sorry , I missed that. If you request the presence of another female it should be honored. Most of our settings is with a nurse helper. Your license should not be compromised. I wouldn't want that to happen to anyone.
  4. salseranurse

    Male RN-assist with pelvic exams?

    That would be up to your discretion and depending on the policies of your facility. Most acutely ill patients just want relief etc. If your patient is not comfortable then by all means have someone at the bedside w/you. I have yet to encounter a female nurse asking a male nurse to insert her foleys.
  5. salseranurse

    Shaken Baby

    You have chosen a profession that is not always kind to our psyche. But you can overcome the guilt and shame by continuing on the path you have carved out and looking for other opportunities to make a difference. You are special. You are a Nurse.
  6. salseranurse

    Male RN-assist with pelvic exams?

    What year is this uhhhh 2006. You can only ask a coworker to assist you if the patient outrightly refuses. Keep in mind that everyone else is just as busy as you are. Most patients are cooperative with there nurses male and female. The only male nurses I would do this for in turn got to give my patients their enemas. Even trade from my standpoint.
  7. salseranurse

    Advice on pursuing a career in dialysis

    Hi, Just moved to New York City and I am interested in finding a Dialysis center that is willing to train RN's. I would truly appreciate any info you might have. Iam a med/surg nurse by training and would like to do something diffirent.
  8. salseranurse

    all nurses pls help

    Agree w/Pamrn fluid overload is always a big concern. Follow the recommendations of your facility
  9. salseranurse

    new charge nurse discovering bad practice on the unit

    Hi, This sounds like a long term setting but that shouldn' excuse the fact that this RN has developed bad habits over the years. She is obviously used to getting over on other supervisors therefore unless you do something about it her deceptiveness wil continue. Follow your companies protocol re: issuing discipline. This will not only safeguard your job but it will also show the rest of the staff that you won't tolerate that kind of nursing practice.