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  1. bebe101

    IV infusion Training

    Hello , All I have been Working as RN for long time . I’m also interested to becoming infusion nurse for long time . Now I am currently Looking for IV / infusion nurse job but every job opening needs experienced IV / infusion nurse . Please help if you know IV / infusion nurse training program by a company or a hospital that I can get a training by doing nurse internship in Maryland. Thank you .
  2. bebe101

    Certified hemodialysis nurse

    Hi, All, i am just wandering if becoming a certified hemodialysis nurse will gets one a hourly rate /salary increase ? i appreciate any input.
  3. bebe101

    Acute units on call

    i am Dialysis RN with past acute and recent chronic dialysis exprience. i plan to go back to acute units but have no idea how the on call like. if any one knows or works in acute unit in Maryland area with no or once or twice a month on call schedule please let me know any in put would be appreciated. thank you.