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  1. I am only a nursing student, but I'm taking my mental health practicum currently. It's a lil bit fresher in my mind. Hope the following helps! :) When someone is talking about suicide, it's usually because they are experiencing so much psychological ...
  2. Professional Portfolio????

    Yeah... conferences are hard to attend straight out of school (or while you're in school, for that matter! ) No in-hospital workshops? I've attended a couple put on by my clinical rotation hospital on aggression & delirium in the elderly already,...
  3. Professional Portfolio????

    I'm in my first semester of nursing school and compiling a professional nursing portfolio was one of the projects we had to do. Some of the suggestions my instructor had for us: essay on our personal values & beliefs of nursing - can weave in wh...
  4. Looking too young to be an RN

    My friend had a similar problem, only she became a pharmacist at 22 instead of being a nurse. Same problems though - people assumed she wasn't the pharmacist since she's 1) female 2) very young and 3) quite pretty! In order to counteract that, she ch...
  5. Where to live in Vancouver??

    A very good family oriented neighborhood that is 1) close to Surrey and 2) have nice, big homes on spacious lots are Delta and Tsawwassen/Ladner. You might want to check out that neighborhood... As for good schools, I suppose most of the public schoo...