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  1. Night_Nurse06

    Hello to my fellow LPN's

    Hello and Good Luck! I finished shool in July and now am working on my RN as well....doing the last of the prereqs!
  2. Night_Nurse06

    LPN question

    I think you should stick it out long enough to find another position with more responsibility, then give your two weeks notice. Maybe LTC just isn't for you. You may want to look at a hospital which will give you more variety and you will not be bored, and will have plenty of hours....and OT!
  3. Night_Nurse06

    LPN Starting Salary

    My starting rate in Boston, MA was $23hr. But depending what shift you work there is also shift differential. My classmate that graduated with me is making $25hr working the 3rd shift.
  4. Night_Nurse06

    How long was your wait for the NCLEX-PN?

    I am in Boston and it took about 6wks....after all your paperwork has gone thru, payment for testing received etc., you will receive an email stating how soon you can test. You can then schedule your own date from there assuming the date is available.