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  1. New Grad Dialysis RN seeking advice

    Chronic clinics can be so different from each other, even with the same company, even in the same city/town. It all depends on the staffing and management. While most people with positive experience do not post here, I can say that I've really enjo...
  2. Dialysis Technician

    In California, all you need is a high school diploma and I've seen techs be hired with just that qualification.
  3. getting trained in dialysis

    Timing is everything. A few years ago, the big 2 would not even talk to you unless you have experience. Now they are hiring straight out of school. It may change again later but I don't see that happening anytime soon, not in my area anyway. Some...
  4. Working in an outpatient vs in-hospital dialysis

    Do you have friends/family that depend on you enough that you need a semi-dependable schedule? Then acutes is definitely not for you. If you like unpredictability and constant change, then acutes is for you. Depending on the area you work in, you ...
  5. angelmp228, what state are you in where you can sign off the assessments?
  6. It does take a couple of years to finally get out of the task mode. My rule of thumb when I'm talking to new nurses and PCTs is that when in doubt, clamp it. If it's clamped in error, the machine stops and you have time to think it over. If it's o...
  7. That's because, like most others, those who like their jobs don't usually seek a forum to complain. I worked in cardiac telemetry for four years and have now worked in chronic outpatient dialysis for the last four for one of the big two in various s...
  8. Unable to take fluid without cramping????

    Yes, some clinics run extra treatment days on Mondays and Saturdays. Yes Mondays sometimes got worse.
  9. That's it. Almost anyone can be trained but are they someone we want to hang around with for most of our waking lives.
  10. Unable to take fluid without cramping????

    Sodium modeling is gone for us.
  11. Med/surg nurses are the bomb. Others may get more notice and glamour but like coleebee said..."mad respect" to all y'alls. westieluv is right on with the differences.
  12. With your work history and with enough dialysis experience there is no reason why you can't work both acutes and chronics. With chronics you may be taking care of up to 12 patients at a time (maybe more), but they are generally stable. Your acute i...
  13. Need advice

    It's usually three days a week unless they are short. Seems like it's a good thing with better hours, better pay, shorter commute and Sundays off, to take that job. If you're afraid of losing contact and you are able, just let them know that you ar...
  14. How to get out of dialysis nursing?

    It sounds like you work in acutes since you take weekend calls. Try working in a chronic facility. The hours may be more predictable although they generally work Monday-Saturday. I went from tele to chronic dialysis. I am way less stressed. For n...
  15. Since you came from med-surg/tele, you've probably worked a lot with heart failure patients and their chronic fluid overload problems. It helped me a lot to have that experience. Your experience with dialysis depends on whether you are going to wo...