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  1. Poochee

    Its Boom Time for Nurses

    wish I saw the boom for LPN's in my area atlanta:scrying:
  2. Poochee

    36.96 /hour long term care

    I made 30/hr as a lpn in LTC. Washington State. Years ago. For 36.96 I would be the best manager they ever had seen.
  3. Poochee

    Inmate Pts

    Having almost the same access as jail officials to computers, and needing to pull up and print booking reports, for the medical info, I always saw what people were in for, and guess what, honestly, I could have cared less, my priority was giving the best level of care.
  4. Poochee

    Dwindling jobs for LPN's

    I notice the classifieds and employment websites post RN/LPN jobs at a ratio of 12 to 1. This saddens me greatly. anyone else notice this trend?
  5. Poochee

    Just for fun :Ideal LTC

    If equipment does not work, please throw it away. Equiment stations, two per hall, with o2 sats, and cna's should be able to do 02 sats. AED's All rooms should have views, to something. Febreeze plug ins, in each room. Nice spa like bathrooms. A therapist to visit patients, they have no one to talk to. This one is way out, but peg tubes for pt's who don't drink enough water. shift reports, like hospitals, including diagnoses. A nurses station free from clutter and organized. Med carts that have room labels you can see. Absolute highlighting of 1st 2nd and 3rd shift meds.
  6. Poochee

    Any Nurses recieving SSD/SSI

    SSD is for someone not working.
  7. Poochee

    Any Nurses recieving SSD/SSI

    Any Nurses recieving SSD/SSI?
  8. Poochee

    Nurses struggling with mental illness

    I was denied once, after seeing there doctor, now i have a hearing......i just hope they approve me.......sigh, been a long struggle
  9. Poochee

    Nurses struggling with mental illness

    should i go to my disability hearing?????? I have waited 36 months, didnt work none that time, until may this year i worked one day...........then went back a month later to see if i could make it couldnt...........this was a week ago, my hearing is in 5 days should I go, i feel like they'll deny me, even tho i could not work this job,,,,please help, should i go to my hearing in 5 days????????????TIA
  10. Poochee

    DaVita, why are they always hiring?

    DaVita, why are they always hiring? I always thought someone hiring excessive, may be a bad employer.
  11. Poochee

    New job: Problem with orientation-VENT

    you would be correct. I am with a new nurse each time, and each one says, oh this isn't my regular shift, I am just filling in. Both pulled dissappearing acts, the entire shift. Both said, oh, go ahead and pass meds. no census, no report, nada.
  12. Even though I am a new nurse, I have never had an orientation, like the one I am having on a new job. From the first day, I was instructed to pass out meds. Nevermind I did not know anyone, how people take their meds, etc. Some pt.s I basically had to guess, who needed thier meds crushed. I wasn't walked down halls, room by room, to point out patients. I wasn't even given a census sheet. The people who are orientating me, basically say "go pass the meds". No instruction on policy, procedure, how the facility operates, nada. Not who the diabetics are. I pretty much felt like I was agency. I wasn't shown where things were kept. Has anyone had an orientation like this. I am a new nurse, but I would think, this isn't the norm. Any suggestion. TIA.
  13. Poochee

    Teaching med. passing..where do you start?

    Are they passing medication, under your license?
  14. Poochee

    untrusty co-workers

    can you write management an anonymous note??? typed of course.
  15. Poochee

    Introducing myself