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  1. ANrs2be, hang in there. I felt the same way you did my first semester. Everything was just overwhelming...between classes, skills lab, clinicals, care plans, etc. After my first semester I started working as a Nurse Extern and that really helped to get use to taking care of patients and improving your nursing skills. When I was in school there was another student who just became frightened when she entered the hospital setting during clinicals -- she just talked to our clinical instructor and the instructor really helping her to overcome her fear. She is an excellent nurse today. So stay with it, you will look back one day and be glad you hung in there. Remember, there is so much opportunity in nursing other than bedside nursing.:spin:
  2. cardinalalum

    Lamar nursing school?

    I went to school there before having to transfer and finish at another college, but when I started there in Spring 2004 it was really hard to get into their BSN program. There were a lot of applicants who had good GPA's and didn't get in to the BSN program. Lamar also has an ADN program, which is unusual for a four year college. This allows them to accept some more students into their nursing program. My suggestion is to apply for both the BSN and the ADN and if you don't get in to the BSN then try the ADN program. But, you do have to apply for both programs separately.
  3. cardinalalum

    how long for GN permit in TX?

    Duncan3178...I just recently graduated on May 11, 2007. The college I attended overnited our paperwork on Tuesday, May 14, 2007 and on Friday, May 18, 2007 you could search the BNE website online and view your GN permit by doing a name search. It was pretty quick. Hope this helps.
  4. cardinalalum

    Math Question(s)

    I worked it out in my head -- because I know that 15 gr is = 1000 mg and 1000 mg is 1 g. Hope this is right and hope it helps.
  5. cardinalalum

    What nursing shortage?

    I agree with MOODYHOTROD -- here in Tyler, Texas there are three hospitals. I had several job offers and I believe other students in my graduating class did also. Basically, it was harder to decide on the job you wanted to accept than it was to get a job. The pay isn't the highest in the State of Texas, but East Texas is a great place to live.
  6. cardinalalum

    UTT RN-MSN Online Program

    I started nursing school at Lamar in Beaumont, TX and transferred to UTT in Fall 2005. I had a 4.0 GPA in all my science courses, so I can only speak for myself as to what type of GPA it takes to get in. mjbsn is right -- the Tyler campus takes approx. 100 students each semester, unlike the 40 to 50 or so other colleges take. Like I said the BSN cirriculum is challenging, but it is a great program and partners with several good hospitals in the area for clinicals. As far as the NP program-- we had a professor speak in our Community class a couple of weeks ago about the NP program and she never made mention that UTT is trying to start their own program, however, I do recall her saying that the NP portion of the masters program is concluded thru TT. Might want to check with UTT regarding that -- maybe that is fixing to change!!
  7. cardinalalum

    UTT RN-MSN Online Program

    I am in the process of graduating with a BSN on Friday from UTT. The BSN was extremely hard and challenging. The professors were great!! I believe if you are attempting to obtain an MSN -- that degree plan is completed thru UTT, but the NP portion is completed through TT. I think you would be satisfied in earning a Masters from UTT.
  8. cardinalalum

    Advice PLEASE - Considering Nursing @ 39

    I don't think you will regret pursuing nursing. I too worked in customer service for a wonderful company for 19 years when they experienced a reorganization. I also made an excellent salary and it was hard to leave, but took a severance package and headed back to school for nursing. I am 43 years old and it has been the best thing I have ever done and won't ever look back. $40K for tuition is kind of steep so you might want to think about pursuing an LPN (only takes approximately one year), go to work and have your employer pay for your BSN. Much cheaper!!! Good luck to you and your future decision making.