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diawc has 15 years experience and specializes in OB, ER, ICU, Supervision, SANE.

I am a single mother who loves the adrenaline rush that nursing gives to me. After all these years, nursing is still the best job in the world!

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  1. diawc

    Tx Plan

    We are blowing up our Multidiscilinary Team Treatment Plans, and wondered if anyone had anything to share? Looking for something with a nice flow, and ease of use. Thanks for your help!
  2. admission criteria here, simply is a danger to self or others, incapable of performing ADL's d/t psychosis, ect. Of course thats all open to interpretation, but it works. Our social workers screen voluntary admits for criteria.
  3. diawc

    Medical clearance

    I currently work in a freestanding psychiatric facility. We are doing some policy reviews, and would like to establish some general medical clearance standards. What are the minimums that your facility requires to be hospitalized from an ED? Ex: All patients must have a UDS, any first psychotic breaks must have a head CT, ect. Thank you so much for any assistance I can receive in this area.
  4. diawc

    excited for my first interview in Psych! Help!

    When we interview, it is more how do you deal with xyz kinds of questions. They are looking for someone who can maintain a calm demenor in the midst of chaos. Also need a team player, as when a crises happens you need everyone in the same frame of mind.
  5. diawc

    Funny Websites or Blogs With Nursing or Hosp Stuff

    http://www.ertards.com/ stupid reasons that people go to the er....hysterical!
  6. diawc

    you know you work in mental health when...

    You know you're in psyche when.... 1. Your patient refuses to go to bed because "its on fire" 2. you know what "cheeking" is.... 3. Nudity is a normal condition of some of your patients 4. You hear threats like "if you dont give me that pill, I'll take all my clothes off right now. 5. You find patients talking to multiple inanimate objects - and getting made when you interrupt.
  7. diawc

    Nursing Superstitions?

    1. Fully believe in the full-moon "theory" (or as I call it, reality). 2. Any day I want to be low-censused, if requested, will be busier than any other day that week. 3. Working nights, any time I am sleep deprived, even if I say the "s" work, it will still be slow......causing me to do the head bob 4. When someone says "boy, so-and-so hasnt acted up for a while" you know you will be getting the restraints out soon. 5. If someone asks about how to do a code blue, you will be showing them soon. I think basically in nursing, its a "ask and you shall receive" profession :-)
  8. Working in the ER one night, had a frequent flier alcoholic in being worked up. The poor Xray tech went in to retrieve the pt for an xray to find his girlfriend "servicing" him......he just smiled and said it was his birthday....
  9. diawc

    You Know You Really Have To Pee When......

    You've had to pee for so long, that it hurts when you start to go....
  10. diawc

    Being a Nurse for a Killer

    I work in a psychiatric hospital, and we often have criminals who "hide out" here thinking they can avoid prosecution for a while. It is difficult to care for someone who has committed a heinous crime, yet it is an expectation. No the nurses here cannot refuse. While difficult, they are still human beings, and who knows what drove them to this desperate act? We try and look at them as human beings who need our help. After all, your "normal" patients have probably done things you would cringe at as well.
  11. diawc

    Japanese create teddy bear robot nurse

    think it comes with a remote control?
  12. how about.... Are you ready to go to bed? I'm just going to take some pictures of your cervix ( during a SANE exam) When was the last time you had consentual sex? (during nurse-to nurse) Is he/she a normal walkie talkie?
  13. diawc

    Important Lessons my Patients have Taught me...

    1. Always wait until 11pm to call and complain that your adolescent child needs to be transfered to a medical hospital. Honestly, I'm sure you didnt know about the abdominal pain when you visited at 7pm. 2. Yes, I'm sure you are here (at the psych hospital) because you called the ER doctor Dr. Pompus. What other reason could it be? (not the pressured speech, mania, or OCD s/s) 3. Punching a window to try and escape can actually break a bone.
  14. diawc

    Funny things that pts say

    lol....I had someone ask for DenLaudin! Is that Ben Laudins brother by chance?:bowingpur
  15. My sister, who is a MA, often has "almost" something...... Last year it was "almost" pneumonia Her son, btw, also has "almost" cystic fibrosis!
  16. diawc

    The strangest thing you've ever seen on an x-ray?

    13 yo boy who inserted a metal rod into his penis - didnt ask, but he ended up in surgery. DD girl who swollowed staples one at a time - took us a while to figure that one out. Had a cousin who worked on the West coast, he had a patient who "accidentally" sat on a jar of grey poupon. Yup surgery - but the funniest part was that his surgeons also lived in his subdivision. Can you imagine the summer block party? "Pardon me sure....can you pass the............."