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  1. Kayartea

    Question about hospital transfer policies

    It is way too many. That is why we are trying to get it streamlined. As for why it's this way, who knows? We're a University Hospital and the process has just grown. Every new initiative has meant adding to the process, but no one ever seems to c...
  2. I'm currently working in Care Management and part of what I do is assist with transfers from other hospitals. Our current arrangement for accepting patients is very cumbersome, involving 3 departments and the ADON, plus the accepting MD. I'm res...
  3. Kayartea

    what do you say to patients...

    You can also remind them that embarrassing things (some very similar) happen to people who aren't sick and it's not their fault either. Mostly it helps to just be matter of fact about it.
  4. Kayartea

    Epic (Nursing) FAILS!

    When I was a nursing student one of my patients was wearing a Texas Rig catheter and, as is usual with those (they need to make some of the Rhode Island sized), was having difficulty keeping it in place. I got the idea that we could use the spray ad...
  5. Push through legislation to allow billing for nursing care. As long as paying for nurses is lumped in with the bed charge we will continue to be seen as the most expensive, most troublesome department and as not contributing to the bottom line. Nur...
  6. Kayartea

    Do nurses make the worse patients?

    In general, I don't think nurses make bad patients, but they do make the worst family members.
  7. Kayartea

    Grr! "Customer Service" Nursing Gone Crazy!

    Maybe we should track the cost of blankets and pillows and sodas to families? Much of the cost is in the dissatisfaction expressed by nurses and the plans of so many to leave the field as soon as they are able. I was rounding the other day wi...
  8. Kayartea


    Sorry, but I disagree. Patient Safety was involved. Any time a nurse is too upset to do the job, or another nurse has to stretch to cover for an upset nurse, all of the patients being cared for are affected. Just because there were no major error...
  9. Kayartea


    more than just reportingit you need to fill out a patient safety net (or whatever your hospital uses for reporting sentinal event and patient safety issues). the joint commission has issued an alert on bad behavior among health care professi...
  10. Are you actually thinking that acting like that will improve care?
  11. Kayartea

    Would like some advice on assaultive client

    This person is creating a hostile work situation for you and your employer is required by federal law to protect you from it. Whether it means finding other placement for that patient or paying you to stay off while he's there, they must respond to ...
  12. Kayartea

    The Doctor said WHAT?

    Perhaps it's time to stop choosing our battles so carefully. Doing so hasn't made any great changes in the nursing culture as far as I can see. No MD would allow a nurse to get by with critiquing the way he does his job, so why should nurses?? We ...
  13. Kayartea

    heavy lifting

    I did a travel assignment at a hospital in Oklahoma that actually had a no lift policy. The only problem was none of the nurses had quite figured out how to implement it. We decided it was just the hosp's way of getting out of paying worker's comp ...
  14. Kayartea

    So I lost it? Am I out of Line?

    Get a new job, but document and report anyway, not to upper management who are aware of what is going on already (No excuses for them, it is their job to know. If they don't know they are not doing their job.) But when you leave send a well docume...
  15. Kayartea

    lazy mean assistants

    I think part of the problem between aides and nurses is simply that nurses can do everything the aides can do, so aides have no imperative to get things done, and they see nurses sitting down to wait for a call from and MD or to chart and think we ar...
  16. Kayartea

    lazy mean assistants

    Write up the incident where she followed you to yell at you. Then write her up every time she does anything wrong. Give copies to your NM and copies to HR, making sure you NM is aware that copies are going to HR. In the write up state (and use thi...