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    It's not fair....

    Just think of all the education you will have. It is an asset! good luck Cath
  2. Cathy W

    04:48 PM

    A nurse is a nurse anywhere. You should not define nursing practice by tasks. Nursing is working in collaboration with health professions to promote optimum patient/people outcomes. Nursing can be practiced anywhere. I am a nurse who works in the ICU. I am not an ICU nurse. I have a license to practice where ever that may be and so do you! Don't let a doctor tell you that you will not be practicing nursing. The doctor is essentially saying that nursing is tasks when he says you will not be using your skills. There are leadership skills, assessment skills and, public health knowledge in your background, just to mention a few. In an office, it will just be practiced differently. Anyway, the doctor probably does not want to pay you with your experience and was steering you away. Be proud to be a nurse anywhere.! Cath
  3. Cathy W

    The interview

    On an interview in a doctors office, the doctor interviewing me told me that office nursing pays less than hospital nursing. I almost said to him, is that like office doctoring paying less than hospital doctoring? I did not know that there was a specialty field of nursing called "office nursing". Of course, I did not take the job, the doctor did not know enough about nursing for me to be employed there! Cathy