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  1. Hi, I am considering Georgetown, you you explian how was ur experince with classes and exams? how are they conducted. How was ur experince with them finding you clinical placements?

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    2. simplyyysid


      Hi, Thanks so much for replying, I  am not sure how to private message me but would love to connect with you. Would you be able to email me please: sidrah.k@live.com 


      Thank you. 

    3. RockyMtnHi-ya



      I just saw that you decided to accept a seat at Georgetown and that you've joined at least one closed social media group.  I'll PM you via that app.  Talk soon!

    4. AmyS4

      AmyS4, BSN, RN

      Hi there, I was just accepted to Georgetown CNM/ WHNP online program and I'm wondering if there are any current students or alums who would be willing to tell me about your experience? Any feedback is welcome and appreciated!


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