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  1. joe3

    Having my nclex Rn on June 28

    Don't sweat the exam ... You've gotten through school, the exam isn't the hardest part, geting past school and the instructors was tougher. I found going into the exam with a good nights sleep and a relaxed attitude really helped me. You have the knowledge from school, and maybe lifes experience. Don't overthink answers, try to be objective, read each question carefully. I'm going to guess you'll do just fine .... Welcome to HELL ;-) just kidding !! Nursing has been very good career to me, it took a while to find my nitch, but it's Oh So Sweet now. Please post your success after the exam .... Good Luck, and a prayer will help.
  2. joe3

    chemical dependency/addictions nursing

    As a RN in CD I can't have anything on my record, CD requires a squeaky clean slate & we also take adolescents as pts. There is a page and 1/2 of disqualifying incidents that could keep a person out of CD. To answer your question: IMHO............yes, it's a been there done that and have the experience to relate to and with. After a year in detox, I can relate well because of my experience. Personal addiction would give you a better feeling for those pts in CD. MI......I wouldn't have a clue....although we all are a little crazy Most of our counselers have been addicts, patients relate to them better than those that aren't ( per the pts. ) It's not the rule though, we do have one retired military counselor who has a great rapport with his patients, he is straight forward, takes no BS, and is well respected.
  3. joe3

    Hospital reputations

    Fantastic--- That first year can be rough..........my pseudo brother worked in NICU........loved it and wants to go back, but just hasn't made the move yet. It's a real learning experience................. Congrads.........
  4. joe3

    chemical dependency/addictions nursing

    I've been working at a detox/ rehab center for a year. It's the best job i've had in 10 years of being a RN. The staff here is great, easy to work with and the nurse manager is very nurse friendly. Sure, it gets frustrating at times--seeing the frequent flyers--but better than the ER. There is more interaction with the patients, I get to see them detox, get better as the weeks go by then they are on their own. There is more of a sense of satisfaction here than in the hospitals. The only downfall is the pay is lower than at a hospital. Like what was said in the above posts, you really have to try it to see if it is for you.
  5. joe3

    Hospital reputations

    I'm moving to Sun City/Peoria/Surprise/Glendale in Jan. 07, can anyone tell me about the working conditions and reputation of: VA Hospital, Boswell, or Del Webb...........I like to work nights and have visited P a few times, have a place to stay in the West Valley for a few months. Thanks, joe
  6. joe3

    Kauai Nurses Strike ends after 126 days

    jmkauai............I saw an ad locally here in Florida for Hawaii nurses....talked to the recruiter and it's at Wilcox..Kauai...for 13 weeks...so the strike is settled and you're still short nurses?? Did they fire the lpn's?? What is the sentiment towards travelers?? What is the pt/staff ratios after the strike?? Thanks, joe3, RN in Fl.....................I've always wanted to visit Kauai, but, just maybe this is not the time to take a position there???