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juan de la cruz has 31 years experience as a MSN, RN, NP and specializes in APRN, Adult Critical Care, General Cardiology.

BSN, 1991

MSN/ACNP, 2003


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  1. juan de la cruz

    New Grad Scared to Start in Med-Surg

    I started out in Med-Surg. I find that these days, not all Med-Surg units are really that broad in terms of population seen. The hospital I work for has specific Med-Surg floors for Neuro, CV, or Ortho. On occasion each of those may have overflow pat...
  2. juan de la cruz

    Chart Following and legal limitations

    I work in an in-patient service where we also have different NP's caring for our patients each day they are admitted because we're not always there 24/7. Once you have been a provider for a patient on your in-patient service, you are already part of ...
  3. juan de la cruz

    The MD Bias Hits Home

    Without knowing the details, I agree that there is more nuance to the MD vs NP debate. Where I work, it's easier to hire MD's for nocturnal hospitalist coverage. There are many graduates of IM residencies who prefer to do a year of nocturnal hos...
  4. juan de la cruz

    Canadian RN working in the Philippines

    Just for a few months? is this part of a humanitarian mission, aid, or relief program? In the Philippines, the nursing profession is regulated by the Professional Regulation Commission or PRC, the government entity that oversees the Board of Nursing....
  5. juan de la cruz

    RaDonda Vaught - What is she doing now?

    She seems remorseful. Regardless of her acts of negligence, you can't deny the fact that she will never get rid of the weight of Charlene's death on her mind which she admitted on the video. The entire process from litigation to sentencing seems to h...
  6. juan de la cruz

    Radonda Vaught Sentenced

    I know the issues here have been beaten to death but there were system failures at Vanderbilt at the time...they were switching to an EMR that was not sync'ing with their automated medication dispensing system. Nurses were being asked to override med...
  7. juan de la cruz

    Radonda Vaught Sentenced

    If you're interested, there is a very similar case in Florida in 2011 that didn't even garner the national attention that RV's case got. The DA was not involved and it was the decedent's family that sued. It did not lead to the nurse getting criminal...
  8. juan de la cruz

    Radonda Vaught Sentenced

    Criminal charges for nurses who have been proven to be negligent is quite rare. There are only 2 other prior cases before RV. They both didn't end in jail time for the accused. I think the same lesson can be learned from RV's case. I am at peace with...
  9. juan de la cruz

    Is this experience typical for a new grad NP situation?

    I also want to add that sometimes physicians mis-use NP's and don't understand our role. The fact that someone piled a bunch of results on your desk to figure out is not a role for a provider. This is like being asked to answer messages from patients...
  10. juan de la cruz

    Is this experience typical for a new grad NP situation?

    I felt compelled to respond (after a long absence from this website) since I am working in Cardiology for over a year now after transitioning from a Critical Care NP role which I did for over 15 years! Cardiology is a broad field with various subspe...
  11. juan de la cruz

    Acute Care NPs in California, NEED ADVICE.

    If California BRN told you they have no preference, then neither does ANCC or AACN. It's ultimately up to your school (some even allow MD or DO as preceptor). I am precepting a student from an out-of-state institution in the Fall and was given a spec...
  12. juan de la cruz

    My Instructor Used To Be My Nurse

    Derogatory and mental illness in my mind should always be mutually exclusive. There is a professional way to present a case of mental illness in a classroom without interjecting your own personal bias about it. What I got from what the OP was saying ...
  13. juan de la cruz

    My Instructor Used To Be My Nurse

    I think it's unprofessional behavior on the instructor's part to speak of a patient in a teaching environment that way. I think there is a line that is sometimes crossed when a faculty member tries to present a case for the purpose of student learnin...
  14. juan de la cruz

    We Must Demolish NP Diploma Mills

    Not to nitpick but the original post said, no "for profit MD program" exists and the link your provided is a DO program. In effect, the original statement is true as there has been no for-profit MD program yet in existence. There has been other for-p...
  15. juan de la cruz

    FNP working in Nursing Administration

    I will go against the grain here and say that you should ask yourself what you really want out of your career. As it stands, ANCC will allow you to renew your FNP-BC without practice hours since they simplified their criteria and made practice hours ...

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