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  1. yes, i did my pb at etea last sept. theory part is really fine and the clinical component is quite different but after a week's exposure you can learn the routines and do the job well esp if your buddy is very helpful. just ask if you don't know...when in doubt ask :)
  2. hello! your referees will be your BP CIs and your staff nurse buddy during your clinical placement. it is better if he/she is the nurse unit manager of your ward. employer will really call them and ask your performance during the placement...so be good and do your best during your clinical! by the way, ask permission first before writing their names as your referees. good luck!
  3. hi! etea will send you Letter of Offer that you will attach to your visa application. it was stated in the letter that you are enrolled in the Initial Registration Course for Div 1 (IRCON), commencement date, duration, location & course fee. good luck!
  4. congratulations dudz! im very very happy for you :wink2: you're an angel to us aspiring Aussie RNs! see you soon and God bless
  5. hi! i don't have but i'm sure i can gain friends in Oz soon :wink2:
  6. im very happy to know that lovelyrcf! sent you pm...good luck and let's pray that your NBV approval will be released ASAP :wink2:
  7. Hi! yes, you can apply to ramsay health even you are not an Australian citizen. just log on to their site and apply online :wink2:
  8. hi cioman! i'm not sure if they will accept the "certificate of training" as an experience...but if you are referring to training cum volunteer work, i think it is better to ask for a Reference letter from the head nurse or nursing director. the content of the reference letter should include the period of your training/volunteer work in the hospital and the areas/wards where you were assigned. hope this helps :wink2:
  9. hello sis! yes, i was accepted at etea for sept 7 intake! did you know somebody who will be joining the sept intake?
  10. thank you lovelyrcf! i'll be joining the sept 7 intake @ etea.
  11. i'm not sure about the required years of experience since it was not stated in their site but when i applied i had a year and 3 months experience (volunteer work @ the hospital and clinic) :)
  12. hi ramiboy! i'll try my luck @ ETEA. they are quite fast in responding to my inquiries. how about you?
  13. hi ryan09! i applied @ ramsay last May, had my phone interview last June and received information/email last July 24 that unfortunately all positions for the program commencing August 24th are full and i was placed in their waiting list for a future program. it was posted in their site that the next schedule is Nov 2. here's the link of ramsay health care where you can post your application...it's online application and the course fee is Aus$5,500... http://www.ramsayjobs.com.au/overseas/iron.asp i'll try to join the sept 7 commencement @ ETEA
  14. Hello! Anybody here who will be joining the Sept 7 bp at ETEA?
  15. hi farah! take your IELTS as soon as you're ready. i received email from ramsay health this morning that the august intake is full and i was shortlisted for their future program