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    I see that you applied for hospice positions at Duke and UNC. I would recommend that you consider Hospice of Wake County. My husband died 6 weeks ago under their care. He received care at home for as long as was possible and then moved to the hospice center for the last days of his life. They took excellent care of us. They gave me the ability to stop being his nurse so I could be his wife. Good luck in your job search!
  2. AlsgalRN

    The Five Patients You Meet In Heaven

    Thank you, thank you!
  3. AlsgalRN

    What does STAT mean to your Lab?

    I worked telephone triage for my clinic while I was undergoing chemotherapy. It was much more convenient to have my blood drawn in my clinic instead of driving to the oncologist's office. The lab tech called with critical results. Of course, I accepted those results. The tech asked for my full name. I gave it to her. She laughed when she noted that the patient and I had the same name. When I let her know that we were one and the same, she did not know what to do. I told her about the chemo and absolutely, positively promised to call my oncologist. I think she wanted to give those results to another nurse, just in case, but she did not insist. We draw all of our labs. At our lab, STAT is about an hour. Of course it depends on what is happening. If there have been several traumas called, we try to be patient. Our lab folks do their best.
  4. AlsgalRN

    Favourite Doctor Moments

    The patient had several daughters. Her husband strongly desired a son. This pregnancy was a boy who had been diagnosed with anencephaly. The patient and her husband believed that God would cure the little guy so he would be born healthy. The doctor spoke to her in her native language while he did the kindest, loving delivery. The peds team confirmed what we already knew, the little one had anencephaly. It was very important to Mama that her son be baptised in the family baptismal gown before he died. The doc helped me make that happen. Mama and Papa were too upset to hold him so he died in my arms. I have been present for many, many deliveries. The compassion, kindness, and caring of this doctor will always stand out in my memory. Yes, Dr. A.S. in Raleigh, NC, I am talking about you. You were awesome that day! I have cared for this patient several times since her son was born. She has several new daughters--------------and a new husband!
  5. AlsgalRN

    Pregnancy timing and FMLA

    The FMLA law requires that you have been employed for 12 months AND have worked (and that means WORKED, PTO time does not count) 1250 hours. My understanding is that you have to have met that obligation by the start of your leave. I think it is lovely that you plan to work until 38 weeks but you cannot count on that. There are plenty of complications of pregnancy that could cause you to go out early. I would sincerely hope that you have an easy, full term pregnancy. I would not risk my job/insurance on it, though. Also, please keep in mind that you get one FMLA in a rolling year. I was diagnosed with breast cancer on the same day that my husband was diagnosed with ALS. I went on FMLA during my treatment. Shortly thereafter, he began to fail so I applied for FMLA due to his illness. I was approved for 12 weeks minus the time that I took for my own FMLA. Some folks think they get 12 weeks for themselves and can then add on another 12 weeks if the wee one has issues. It does not work out that way. I wish you good luck and a lovely, full term, juicy wee one. Would it be so difficult to wait a few more months to start trying to be sure that you have the protection that you need? Best wishes on whatever you decide!
  6. AlsgalRN

    Need advice about care of a consumer

    Hospice is giving good care to my husband who is losing the battle with ALS. I think you should give them a call.
  7. AlsgalRN

    Defining nursing with a single word...

  8. AlsgalRN

    Loans, loans and more loans

    Canesdukegirl, I think we are in the same general area of the state. My husband has ALS. That caused financial issues that I never expected. Are you able to send me a private message with the info about your financial planner? Thank you, AlsgalRN (I picked the name Als gal since his name is Al. I never thought it would read ALSgal. I hate the %^&* disease.)
  9. It does not look like my vet's hours will cover you for 7am-7pm doggie day care. Otherwise, I would highly recommend them for care for you and your pets. They are AWESOME. They may be able to give you some guidance about daycare and I know they can give the best of care to your furry ones. Gentle Care Animal Hospital http://www.petrepair.com/ Raleigh Vet,Raleigh Veterinarian,Raleigh Animal Hospital,Cary Vet,Cary Veterinarian,Cary Animal Hospital,Tryon Animal Hospital,Tryon Veterinarian,Tryon Vet ... 100 Kumar Court Raleigh, NC 27606 (919) 852-4386 Open Mon 7:30am-8pm; Tue-Fri 7:30am-6pm; Sat 9am-1pmBus: Dillard Dr at Jones Franklin Rd
  10. AlsgalRN

    Nurses and cancer....

    I think you are right about the need to keep a sense of humor! My surgeon thinks I am a hoot and she tells this story to other breast cancer patients. Before surgery, my breasts were "the girls". During surgery, she injected purple dye into the breast to aid in finding the sentinal node. For several months after the surgery, the breast remained a shade of purple. So, the part of that breast that remains was named "Violet", her partner who was still pink was named "Rosie". Four years later, they are still Rosie and Violet. At the time that I was diagnosed with breast cancer, my husband was diagnosed with ALS. I do not know what would have happened to us if we did not have the ability to laugh. My husband has the most amazing sense of humor. That is one of the things that I think I will miss most about him when he dies. My hubby used to kiss my bald scalp to encourage hair growth and my coworkers rubbed the bald noggin for good luck. No, cancer is not funny in itself but some of the things about it ARE funny. Laugh when you can! :lol2::lol2::lol2: I have also heard about the connection between working third shift and getting breast cancer. I worked nights for more than 15 years. Please stay current on your mammograms! AlsGalRN
  11. AlsgalRN

    New Grad Positions Available

    I checked the job listings today at my hospital. The are now positions available for new grads in Raleigh/Cary NC. The website is Wakemed.org Good luck new grads! AlsGalRN
  12. AlsgalRN

    How to talk with mom about breast cancer treatment

    Is Femara her only option? I am taking Tamoxifen and have no real side effects. I am not yet menopausal. Is she willing to get a second opinion from another oncologist? I hope she does well with whatever she chooses to do. Hugs to both of you from an (almost) 4 year survivor, AlsGalRN
  13. AlsgalRN

    Ethical Issue -Missing Prescriptions

    Would you please post the info about the safes for all to see? My husband is receiving care from Hospice. While he does not yet require narcotics, I would like to be prepared when that day arrives. To all of you who work with Hospice, THANK YOU! Our providers have all been a blessing to this family. Thank you for the information. AlsGalRN
  14. AlsgalRN

    What happens to your PTO

    I would recommend that you check the policy from HR. My hospital will pay half of your PTO, if you give proper notice. The other half is forfeited. You may no longer donate PTO to coworkers either. If you die, the full PTO balance is paid to your heirs. (I had to ask because I was undergoing treatment for breast CA. My husband has ALS and I will be sure he is cared for if something happens to me. I currently have 9 weeks saved. I would have been very upset if he lost half of it because I died.)
  15. AlsgalRN

    Your dumbest financial mistakes

    My biggest financial mistake was not purchasing long care insurance. Three years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 43. At the same time, my husband was diagnosed with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) at age 48. He now receives Medicare and I have him on my health insurance. Neither my insurance nor Medicare will pay for any assistance with his care. Medicaid would help but we cannot qualify. To qualify for Medicaid in this state you may own a home, one vehicle, and have no more than $2000 in cash. Receiving Medicaid would allow me to hire the help that would allow me to continue to work. The income from that work would disqualify him from receiving Medicaid. We are stuck. I was the one who pushed for us to save for retirement. We would also have to spend all of that money (and pay the taxes on it as it has never been taxed) before any help is available to us. My husband has chosen not to get a ventilator when the time comes. That time is coming soon. He has chosen to die so as to not impoverish me to pay for his care. My biggest financial error was not getting that insurance.
  16. AlsgalRN

    is fmla detrimental to companies/hospitals?

    I am still employed due to FMLA. Three years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. AT the same time, my husband was diagnosed with ALS. I would have lost my job without FMLA protection. My unplanned absences would have been: 1. biopsy day 2. surgery day 3. chemo #1 4. chemo #2 along with an oral warning 5. chemo #3 along with written warning 6. chemo #4 termination As the ALS has progressed, I have had to use FMLA days to care for my husband. I take him to the ALS clinic every 3 months. He can do NONE of the ADLs. He requires total care and is on a bipap 24/7. Just taking him to the clinic would be 4 absences. He has fallen twice where we had to call the firemen to come help lift him. I stayed home both days. Those 2 falls would have given me 6 absences in a year----termination. So, to answer your question.................is FMLA detrimental to employers? It depends on where you stand. I am a DAMN good nurse. The hospital has not had to bear the costs of replacing me. Did it require some flexibility on their part? Yes, it did. Was it worth it to the hospital? Yes, it was. I never expected to have cancer at 43 and to be facing widowhood at 47. Losing my job, and insurance, would have been an unnecessary loss that would have made my life more difficult. If your management allows people to use FMLA for shopping, weddings, birthdays..................that is the problem with your management. FMLA is not the problem.