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  1. geoffreyg

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    i just had to unload secondary to my dyspnea and palpitations. i took the rn test today at 10 am. it shut off at 75 questions and i walked out about noon. i tried the PVT just now and it gave me the pop out message box and did not get to the credit card page. so is that a good sign? i'm so nervous. i feel like i did okay. anyone here from Ohio know how long it takes between when you walk out of pearson and when the Ohio BON changes your status on their website. Any help for this nervous soul is very much appreciated!!!!! gg
  2. geoffreyg

    You Know You're A Nurse's Aide in LTC When...

    you hear a call light out in the hallway and you know which resident is ringing AND what they want before even looking in the hallway for the call light...
  3. geoffreyg

    nasty smells

    i think you just get used to it. i had one lady with a colostomy bag when i was a fresh new cna and it took me about an hour to clean it (59 minutes of gagging and 1 minute of cleaning:wink2:). now i can almost have my face right in it and nothing happens. i almost don't even gag at cdiff anymore. amazing how much you can get used to....
  4. geoffreyg

    Had my first code last night

    i'm just an rn student, but it sure sounds like you did the right thing. it sounds like you saved his life. way to go!
  5. geoffreyg

    Microbiology Summer 2008

    I loved the class, but it turned me into a hardcore germaphobe
  6. geoffreyg

    STNA Training Sites in the Akron Area

    I went through this exact same search in '06. Turns out the place I was eventually hired at does their own STNA training (and pays for it). Call places near to you and ask if they provide training for the STNA test. Likely they have a path to train you free of charge. FYI, I went to Bath Manor and it was fine. We had a knowledgeable instructor, and an effective introduction to this line of work. FYI#2, Employers are required to reimburse you for training you pay for. Check regulations at the Ohio Department of Health nurse aide registry. Good luck! gg
  7. geoffreyg

    Heartwarming story for all... Bring a kleenex!

    what a wonderful experience! you're an awesome nurse for knowing that sometimes giving our time is the best medicine. it's soooo much better than any paycheck!
  8. geoffreyg

    Demented Residents & Funny Comments

    yo, 7p-3a, keeping very close eyes on particular residents with dimentia together with high risk for falling - one with former extensive mastery of the english language, my first day with her and a religious channel happened to be on a nearby tv: "praise the lord and pass the ammo!" - she had my heart from then on weeks later approx. 2:40 pm my first calories of the day. we have same resident parked behind the counter to keep an eye on her. work complete, i break out an apple. she stares at me for a minute and then comments: "slobiosis" - i about choked we were laughing so hard. gotta love this job!
  9. geoffreyg

    Have you ever said something so dumb...

    yo, last week we had an resident near passing (roxanol, etc.) and me and another aide go to do a slight, gentle reposition in bed and i loudly announce to my co-worker "put him in the dead center". pure class....
  10. geoffreyg

    My first clinical is soon, any advice?

    Good luck! You'll be fine. I am a nursing assistant in LTC and in nursing school (clinicals starting in May). You will likely feel overwhelmed at some point, but one skill that gets thrown on you is you learn to stay calm and thing clearly and logically in the midst of chaos. You learn that even with 10 things in short-term memory, block them out, prioritize, and focus on the task at hand.
  11. geoffreyg

    Nurses' aide in Ohio

    I'm in Akron, and I had the same question before "STNA" classes. The DON at my LTC facility, said that what Ohio calls STNA is called CNA in most other states, and I haven't heard anything to the contrary in my extensive 8 months of experience. So, I believe that they are the same thing. Hope that helps. gg