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brent0709rn has 5 years experience and specializes in PCCU,ICU,ER.

from PH , now in US

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  1. brent0709rn

    Low Census??

    same here in texas..
  2. brent0709rn

    Valley Baptist Medical Center, Harlingen, Texas

    aga922, You can visit our hospitals website, just google it. There was no recruiter before. It was a direct hiring. I was lucky to see the add in the newspaper when they came to Manila. Sorry to inform you that there is no hiring as of now and the H1c program is going to expire this December 2009 so VBMC wouldnt be able to use this not unless the US congress will extend it. I would suggest you try Canada instead. Sorry for the late reply
  3. I agree with silverdragon on this. Be careful of recruiters that offer H1B. Its not for general nurses. The USCIS is now more vigillant about these applications. I have friends who were recently denied of H1B applications. I am here on an H1C visa which unfortunately will expire come December 2010. I mean the program will expire on December 2010 so you will probably not find any of the 14 hospitals allowed to petition through H1c to be hiring through this program. And again, as of now theres no hiring here because of the economy. As for the hospital experience(employed), they do recognize the hospital experience that we get there. My hospital here recognized my work experience and that was a factor in determining my hourly rate. As to volunteer experience, I am not sure about that. As what silverdragon said, it depends on the hospital
  4. @ mr miyagi, i dont think Maryland requires SSN. just wait for your license. it will be mailed to you, or if they do require SSN you will receive a letter stating that you passed NCLEX but they cant release your license until you have your SSN. You can contact Maryland BON for more information about this.
  5. I totally agree silverdragon that why if he would have planned to come here with his tourist visa, if he had one, I would absolutely discourage him. Im here in the US right now and I know the current situation here. The recent visa bulleting shows JUN01 2002 and I am well aware of the retrogression =)
  6. brent0709rn

    RN with DOH and MOH license in Dubai, UAE

    How much does a nurse in Dubai earn? What is the average salary? Will a US Licensed Filipino nurse with 2 years US hospital experience be exempted from sitting their nursing exam? I am asking this because I am currently in the US on an H1c visa and there is a probability that I might have to leave US in Feb 2011 when my working visa expires. Im exploring my options such as Canada,Australia and probably Dubai. As you know there is still Immigrant visa retrogression in the US
  7. mr miyagi I presume you chose California for the board of nursing when you took nclex thats why your license will expire? Is that correct? You dont even have your license to begin with because you dont have Social Security no. Right? If you have this dillema, just apply to a different state for an endorsement,such as Texas or any other state not requiring social security. Then you can always renew it even if you are still in the Philippines. by the way you also mentioned that you didnt want to leave for US without experience, do you have a tourist visa already?
  8. brent0709rn

    Recruitment Agencies.

    That is a good plan acepua =) I agree with that =) :yeah:I will contact u as soon as our hospital will be hiring again.
  9. brent0709rn

    Recruitment Agencies.

    I agree with silverdragon, stay away from agencies...and stay away from US if possible.. Congratulations for passing nclex though;) I dont want to burst your bubble but the US in retrogression right now. I think you know that. Please read the primer for those who want to work in the US for more info about the issues regarding immigration. I would suggest trying other countries instead. Try Canada. Im here in the US and I know that things are still a mess here-the Economy,Obama trying to reform US Healthcare system and Obama being against importation of foreign nurses. A lof of US fresh grad nurses even have a hard time looking for jobs here.Also, the US immigration laws need to be changed too thats why we have the retrogression but I think that will take a long long long time. I dont want you to be frustrated. There's already a long line of nurses ahead of you waiting for US to open its doors for them and a lot of them are already frustrated.Some have already waited for 6 years. Are u willing to wait that long?
  10. brent0709rn

    Valley Baptist Medical Center, Harlingen, Texas

    I work in VBMC and i came in through H1c. I have been here since November of 2008.My visa is valid until Feb 2011. VBMC was able to petition 30 nurses last 2008 and all of us are here. Its not bad here at all. Harlingen is a small, quiet city in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas. VBMC is a 600 bed hospital and working conditions have been good. I work in the Progressive Cardiac Care Unit and our nurse to patient ration was 1:6 or 7. And now its better, 1:4 or 5, after we came. I am paid $23 an hour plus differentials (I work nights) and I think its ok for the Cost of Living here. In my opinion the city is quite peaceful too. Not really that much crime. I think we are really lucky to be here..I mean among all the other hospitals that are able to petition through H1c and the area that they are in. I do have a pending I140 petition with a hospital in Florida with a priority date of Jan 2006. VBMC is also willing to petition us with an immigrant visa. My question is, will they be able to get the priority from my previous petition? Thats what their lawyers are telling us, but I doubt that. Any thoughts on this? And its true even the lawyers are telling us that it there is really a possibility that we will go home if our priority dates will not be current. Well, theres always Canada... =)
  11. brent0709rn

    How many pinoys in the house??

    Brent here from the City of GoldeN Friendship - CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY! :) Soon to be in Gainsville, Florida..Just waiting for my interview..hopefully the retrogression will be lifted ASAP!!
  12. brent0709rn

    Lame Duck Rumors

    from HAMMOND LAW GROUP LLC The House and Senate get back to Washington DC on Tuesday, December 5. This will be the final session for the Lame Duck period. Depending on how much progress they are making, the session could last for just a few days or continue for most of the month. Here are a few rumors that we at Hammond Law Group are hearing could happen during the Lame Duck. 1. The AHA and others still are pushing for the SKIL Bill. Some have pegged our chances of getting a Lame Duck SKIL Bill at 50-50. 2. Others tell us that some Congressmen are advocating a 12,000-15,000 visa allotment for Schedule A visas. This would be a band-aid measure designed to get us visas until a CIR-type bill could be passed in spring/summer 2007. 3. Some GOP members do not want any appropriations measures - including the 12,000-15,000 band-aid or a more robust SKIL Bill - attached to any appropriations bill. In other words, they want to pass a Continuing Resolution (CR) and then they just want to go home. The CR effectively extends the funding for the Iraq War into the New Year and then lets the next Congress deal with it.
  13. brent0709rn

    Florida Roll Call ......

    helo everyone!! :) Im Tim from the Philippines..I will be working soon in Shands at UF. Im just waiting for my embassy interview. Any shands at UF nurses out there?