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  1. rookie_rn

    Who/What should I believe?

    I can't help but notice that we have members here who post messages asking for advice and then get offended (angry?) if they don't receive the advice that they want to hear. In likewise manner, I also notice that we have members here that seem to have a sense of authority over the subject who make absolute statements and/or give advice with a sense of finality. Forgive me, but in my opinion, it is always best to seek the counsel of a person who has legitimate authority, accurate knowledge, and verifiable information about the subject at hand. To my fellow foreign RNs, I want to believe that you are well-educated professionals. If you are going to post a message asking for advice, I sincerely hope that you are able to receive positive replies with grace (and negative replies with humility) :redbeathe Besides, with the power of the internet, the world is in your hands. You can search for all the information that you need on your own (instead of asking people here and then receiving info that may or may not be accurate). I also hope that we here at allnurses.com can be responsible enough to avoid making/giving generalized statements that are inaccurate, unreliable, and unverifiable :) Thank you and more power to allnurses.com :balloons:
  2. rookie_rn

    the american dream: do not lose hope

    i guess, with this statement, you have already made up your mind about ALL nurses from the Philippines. all i can do is pray that the Lord may take away the prejudice and bias (and hate?) that is in your heart. may you and your family and all your loved ones have a wonderful thanksgiving and a merry Christmas too! :nuke:
  3. rookie_rn

    the american dream: do not lose hope

    we are aware of the less-than-ideal situation of the nursing field in our country. there is not one system/curriculum in the entire world that is perfect. i hope you can just give the information as it is and avoid giving remarks/comments with a tone of condescension. i find it amazing that there are people who find it so easy to look down upon and mock their fellow men and yet still have the tenacity to wake up in the morning and ask/pray for more blessings from the Lord.
  4. rookie_rn

    the american dream: do not lose hope

    wow! i never thought that there would be so many people here who do not think kindly of philippine nurses. i guess i was just naive to think that we all considered each other as professional colleagues. i guess i was wrong. all i can say is, may God bless each and everyone of you and i wish nothing but the best for everyone! happy holidays! -------- Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.
  5. rookie_rn

    the american dream: do not lose hope

    when i was still in school, i learned about the great depression of the 1930s. i also learned that after the bombing of pearl harbor on december 7, 1941 ("... a date which will live in infamy." -- franklin delano roosevelt), several advisors of then-president fdr said that the empire of japan couldn't be beaten. and i was watching on tv when the two towers fell on that tragic day of 9-11. we all know what happened then. i guess i'm just a sentimental fool. i have faith in america. i still believe that it is a land of opportunities. i believe in the resiliency, strength of character, and the indomitable spirit of the american people. that is why i will never compare the us to a terminally ill patient. if some people think that the us is dying, that is their opinion and i respect that. i am not here to argue. amici usque ad aras (we are friends till the end of time) -------- "that in all things, god may be glorified."
  6. hey there! rookie_rn here. just wanted to share that i am currently in the field of psychiatric nursing (adult mental health) and i am loving it! when i graduted and got my bachelor's degree in nursing three years ago, psych nursing was the very last thing i was thinking of doing. i was more interested in ed/er nursing and/or icu nursing because of the "action" and fast-paced environment. but, for whatever reason (by chance or by destiny), i got into adult mental health and i have been doing it eversince. personally (this may just be me), there is something about the predictability or unpredictability of human emotions and human behavior that greatly appealed to me. i love the interactions and i love the nurse-patient therapeutic communication aspect of psych nursing. i have met several patients with very "interesting" personalities and "behaviors". this month, i will be starting work on the child and adolescent mental health unit and i am looking forward to it. and now i am also looking into going back to school (god-willing) and getting a master's degree to become a psychiatric/mental health nurse practitioner someday. ------ "that in all things, god may be glorified."
  7. there are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of posts here pertaining to the current immigration and economic situation of the us. in addition, the situation is also being played out in the media all over the world (i would think). with all of these information out there, i think most, if not all, foreign nurses are already aware of the sad realities of wanting to work in the us. i got the following lines from the novel the alchemist by paulo coelho: "... the soul of the world is nourished by people's happiness... to realize one's destiny is a person's only real obligation... and, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." so, to all my fellow pinoy rns out there who are still dreaming of one day being able to work in the us as a registered nurse, don't lose hope. do not be discouraged. you will meet a lot of people who get pleasure from splashing water over the smallest ember of hope that you may have. but, no one could/should ever tell you that your dreams are beyond your reach. in my opinion, we are all brothers/sisters in the world of nursing and we should be benevolent enough to welcome and help our colleagues on their way in as we, ourselves, may be on our way out. ignis fraternum eterna est (the flames of our brotherhood will burn forever)
  8. i think this topic has already been discussed several times in this site. unfortunately, it is quite apparent that many Filipinos are still being TRICKED into applying to different LPN programs/courses. to my fellow Pinoys, please DO NOT enroll into these programs/courses because being an LPN will NOT make you eligible to apply for a US Green Card. the only way is for you to have a BSN degree and an RN title (as in Juan dela Cruz, RN, BSN). if you don't believe me, then i STRONGLY suggest that you consult a REPUTABLE immigration lawyer. do not believe the very enticing and very attractive advertisements of different LPN Schools. their primary goal is to make money for themselves and so they will do anything and everything to make you enroll into their schools and pay their tuition fees. and do not belive the politicians who support these schools. these politicians are not nurses and they are not immigration lawyers. they don't know anything. chances are, they have been paid for their endorsements. we all know how Philippine politics work, right? so, if you have the money that can be used to finance your education, try to get into the best nursing schools (UP, UST, De La Salle-EAC, FEU, etc.). if you still do not believe me, the best step would be to consult a REPUTABLE immigration lawyer. he/she will be able to answer all your questions about this matter. good luck to all of you and i am hoping to work with you someday as a fellow RN here in the US. God bless! -------- "That in all things, GOD may be glorified."
  9. rookie_rn

    New law in GA - rejects phillipino nurses

    i just have to ask. does the law specifically say that they will reject FILIPINO nurses? is the word FILIPINO/PHILIPPINES actually in the full text of the bill? i could be wrong but isn't this a form of discrimination? may i suggest that the title of this thread be changed to avoid sensationalization?
  10. rookie_rn

    Demand for Nurses Abroad

    "can't we all just get along?" ------ "let he who is without sin cast the first stone." "that in all things, god may be glorified."
  11. rookie_rn

    Demand for RP nurses overseas slowing down

    well, i guess we all knew that this was coming. it was only a matter of time. good luck to all the nurses and nursing students all over the world who are working hard and dreaming of a better life for themselves and their families. i celebrate and applaud your efforts! :balloons: not sure if i like the title of the thread, though. i think it is a bit condescending. i mean, are filipino nurses the only ones trying to get into the us? would a more appropriate title be --- "the end for foreign nurses has come" ? it may just be me, but as a proud filipino, i feel offended. god bless you all! ---- "let he who is without sin cast the first stone."
  12. hi everyone! greetings! i just wanted to ask the OR nurses here (with no intention of being offensive) -- is there a "next-step-up-the-ladder thing" in the field of Perioperative Nursing? are there, like, positions for a Nurse Manager, Nurse Administrator, Nurse Educator, etc in OR Nursing? or maybe a higher educational level something like a Master's Degree level in Perioperative Nursing? i've been thinking of switching fields and OR Nursing fascinates me. but i also want to study/learn more (higher level education). thank you so much!
  13. hello everyone! greetings! i am a Psych RN working for a hospital in Portland, OR in their Acute Psych Unit. I've only been here 7 months and so far, i am enjoying it and loving it. there is something about dealing with personalities and behaviors that appeals to me (whatever it is). i've been learning a lot. i do have a question for all the Psych RNs here-- is there a future in Psych Nursing? i ask this because most of my co-workers here (older, more senior RNs who have worked in Psych for more than 20 years already) are telling me to shift to another nursing field while i'm still young and able (i'm 28; is that young? or old? ). they say that the future does not look very bright for the field of Psych Nursing (as compared to ICU or ER or OR nursing). they say that Psych Departments generally DO NOT bring in money/profits for the hospital and as such, they are always first in line for budget cuts and staff downsizing and other financial management what-have-yous. so, i'm getting a bit confused now. i enjoy what i'm doing and i'm learning a lot but i also know that there are other things to consider (like financial stability, job stability, retirement security, etc.) especially with rising prices of everything. should i start planning on shifting to a different field? what about Psych nursing in the county and/or the state? would they have more security and stability (them being the government and all?)?
  14. rookie_rn

    Deportation of Undocumented Immigrants in the US

    no matter what many Filipinos say about their own country, i still am and will forever be proud to be a Filipino. and i still dream of one day going back to and settling down in my motherland. it's bad enough that the Philippines is in its current state. what makes it worse (in my personal opinion) are Filipinos themselves badmouthing their own country. Filipinos may be the only people in the world who are ashamed of who they are and where they came from. heck! even Mexicans (with all the bad publicity they have been getting) are damn proud of who they are as a people and they are proud of their heritage. stop whining and start working! are you familiar with this line-- "Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country."
  15. i would advise you to consult a lawyer who specializes in immigration. the lawyer would be able to tell you the best course of action that is within the boundaries of US immigration laws. i always thought that if it is not in writing and is not signed by both parties, then it is not legally binding.
  16. hi guys! is anyone here a Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner? i am a Psychiatric/Mental Health RN and i am interested in applying to a Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Program. i was hoping i could talk to someone here about it. thanks a lot!