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  1. bucketheart

    Cumulative GPA & PRE-req GPA & which program?

    A friend of mine went to Linfield. She had a previous degree (with a 2.3-ish GPA). Prereq GPA 3.8-ish Graduated in Dec 2006, went to work for a small hospital here in the Portland area in Jan 07. In March 08, she was given the opportunity to step up and take a position as the "Education Coordinator", working alongside the manager, another Linfield grad. (Who had a previous degree, and had been a nurse for less than 2 years prior to becoming the manager.) She says that Linfield doesn't necessarily have anything to do with it, other than the program helped prepare her to reach to her full potential, and never rule anything out. I wish I had realized this when I was in school: Any program is going to be what you make of it. Never rule anything out.
  2. bucketheart

    So, why Oncology?

    I'm sure this question has been asked before... Why did you become an oncology nurse? And for those of you who have been at it for awhile...what keeps you there? A patient asked me the other day, "So, what makes you want to work with cancer patients?" I've been asked this many, many times before - but for some reason, THIS time it seemed like such a profound question...Not sure why, but it got me thinking... Anyone want to share?