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  1. hvlscwlltrvl

    Students from San Jac College in TX

    I attended San Jac College way back in '74! But, if you are interested, go to the Texas Board of Nursing site and you can find the standings of all the Texas Nursing Schools on the NCLEX-RN! There you will find the school and the percentage of students that passed the boards and such. Interesting read!
  2. I believe that hospitals have started putting "Nurse" on the badges of CNA's based on studies that showed that patients can't tell and/or don't care if you are a RN, LPN or CNA. They just want their needs taken care of. To the patient, they are all nurses! I do not think anything derogatorily was meant by facilities toward RN's. But to the patient, it is a lot easier to determine who they can ask for their nursing care. Let's face it, you wouldn't ask the X-ray Tech for your pills, or Lab Tech for information on your medication interactions. I think it was meant for Patient Convenience. I am not threatened by it because like Sue D in the UK, I think they are providing basic, and necessary nursing care. Sure saves me time to get more important things done!
  3. hvlscwlltrvl

    vasoseal use in the cath lab

    I have been using vasoseal for over 4 years. I like the newer device better. Personally, I found that there were fewer failures when the staff deployed the vasoseal rather than the physician. I think maybe it is because the physicians are in a hurry to get to the next patient, so when case is over closure is rushed more. We, on the other hand, are into making sure everything goes right with THIS pt. (Could be wrong, but that is my opinion!) If failure occurs, we just hold manually if not intervention or place a Femstop if pt has had thrombolysis therapy. I have also used Perclose, Angioseal, and Duett. Think they all have their merits, just need to think of the pt and take each case individually. Have not used the Tyvek system however. Do you are anyone else have experience with that? Interesting in others' opinions.
  4. hvlscwlltrvl

    Cath Lab Case Scheduling

    I do travel assignments in cath lab. One cath lab I worked at solved their problems by scheduling the physicians to the cath lab. Dr X worked Mon and THurs, Dr Y worked Tues and Fri. etc. Then if emergency came in whatever physician in their group that was there picked it up on their schedule. They also left to the call team anything after 1600. Only one room so some of the Dr's rescheduled the cases. May not work for everyone but it worked for them!