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  1. Thanks....I can't do the roommate thing but my little sister is going to move to VA beach to attend college so she will live with me a while. I am good with time management but right now I am a B student with out studying but I would like to become an A student which I know I can do if I study. After all I did make A's in my A&P classes and my Microbiology classes and they were hard.
  2. Thanks I am going to try the full time job for the first semester and if it works well I will keep doing it.
  3. I hear what you are saying but the challenge is going to be finding a job like yours. I love shift work and I hope I find some where to work that would accomidate me but I at least need to get in the door. So far I haven't found a job in Virginia beach but hopefully I find one soon.
  4. Thank you, I have been going to school full time for the past year while serving in the Navy but I am guessing taking nursing classes are going to different from taking general study classes.
  5. Thanks you
  6. Ok so I am about to get out the Navy and I am going to be attending Hampton University School of Nursing Full Time. Virginia Beach is expensive so I need a good paying job. Most of the nursing classes are during the day and some are in the early evening and end at night. I am taking advise on how to juggle a Full time job while going to Nursing School and accelerating at it. Also if anyone can recommend any specific work place in Virginia Beach I am also accepting recommendations also. Transitioning out of the Military is hard:bluecry1:
  7. crucian

    Safe Place to live

    Ok So I got into Hampton University at Virginia Beach. I need some help; where is a safe place to live that doesn't cost to much? If anyone can help me please let me know. Thank you in advance.
  8. crucian

    Anxiously waiting

    Thank You
  9. crucian

    Anxiously waiting

    Thank You
  10. crucian

    Anxiously waiting

    Thank You
  11. crucian

    Any word-- Hampton University??

    I got in to hampton also. It look like my letter got lost in the mail so that is why I never heard from them. I am going to the Virginia Beach campus are you?
  12. crucian

    Anxiously waiting

    I can stop the wait. I got into Hampton University school of nursing. I am really happy and relieved. :monkeydance: :yelclap: :yelclap: :yelclap: :yelclap: :yelclap: :thankya: I can't wait to start school
  13. crucian

    Anxiously waiting

    Thank you. I am going to call the school to find out how I can improve my application for the next time. I can't allow myself to get rejected two times.
  14. crucian

    Anxiously waiting

    I got mines this afternoon and I didn't get in also. They thank me and rejected me. I wasn't suprise but I was a little disappointed. I needed to work on my GRE score. Hopefully we get in to one of the schools we applied to right. Take care and good luck on you application to nursing school.
  15. crucian

    Anxiously waiting

    MUSC has mailed out the letters on the 18 OCT 06 so I should hear from them any day now.
  16. crucian

    University of Maryland

    I still haven't gotten the letter in the mail but the decision is posted online under you application status for anyone who want to know if they got in before the letter comes in the mail