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    Code Status: When Should We Talk About It!

    A Informative article! This subject has been a passion and concern of mine in my 35+years of critical care experience. I have always thought that a planned and tasteful presentation of the subject of DNR and advanced directives given to people (not at a traumatic moment) in education to help them make an informed decision. As well as more education and preparation of the nurses to make it not as uncomfortable. I loved the statement that we ARE the patients advocate and that is even in death. I could write a million thoughts on this but will say thank you again for your research and thoughts that were so well put on paper.
  2. Hello, I am new to this site but the topic of computerized charting caught my eye. I have worked at three hospitals (in the past 20 yrs) that have had computerized charting. i can say from experience that when you get use to it (and that might take one week to 2 months) it does give you more time for patient care. And I know that is why I became a nurse, to take care of the ill. We all hate paper work and this frees us in alot of ways. In fact I am looking into nurse informatics as a new career ( when I get old LOL) so would like any input on that. Again this is a great site and have enjoyed reading and getting to know everyone.