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  1. shybaby09

    Best Research book for NLE?

    I also need a book on research. do let me know what book you got. tnx!
  2. shybaby09

    Need help with my VSC

    I think i'll just go ahead and get a recognition and take the local board exam. in that way, i can go get trainings (IVT, BLS, ACLS, volunteer work and stuff). you can't get those trainings here in the Philippines if you don't have a license. and if i'm lucky enough i can actually get experience coz i probably have to wait 10 years for retrogression to be lifted. i have sorted out all my options already. going to another country requires at least one license and even experience or else i'll just be a nurse assistant and i don't want that. i want to work as an RN. and i'm already bored doing nothing. miss suzanne, what do you think of my decision? thanking you in advance.
  3. shybaby09

    Need help with my VSC

    Yes i took and have passed the NCLEX already. in VSC, is it better to apply by mail or online?
  4. shybaby09

    Need help with my VSC

    I am applying for my VSC and it seems I am stuck at step 6. it says "at least one license is required for this order." And thus my orders status in incomplete. I do not have a local license since I am a Chinese citizen but permanent resident of the Philippines. Does this mean that I cannot continue with the VSC? how can I let them know that I am exempted from writing the NLE? Thank you so much!
  5. okay thank you very much. that has been bugging me lately. well, actually, a lot of things are still bugging me. i still have a lot to learn from here. please bear with me if i ask too many questions. thank you!
  6. Nope it hasn't expired. i just recently passed my nclex but since it is retrogression, i don't think it will be lifted in 4 years [including the 1 year extension] or even 6 years [if you apply to another state]. so i was just wondering if that can be done.
  7. shybaby09

    Failed my Exam--Help!!!

    The Saunders Q & A is actually good. i learned a lot from that book. NCSBN is also really good. i actually read and tried to understand the lectures on NCSBN specially with Med surg. basically, with my 2nd try i only used Saunder's, NCSBN, a Q & A book on prioritization, delegation and assignments and this book where it concentrated on SATA. i didn't even get any SATA on my 2nd take nor calculations. i guess the computer knew i am excellent in calculations. but yah i was worried why i didn't have a single SATA. i thought it was unusual. oh and btw, make your own notes for pharma. organize them. this helped me memorized meds since i was always stubborn to memorize 'em. i stopped at 140 and i didn't know what to think but after a month of waiting ... i swear twas the longest month ever for me... i finally got the small letter =] more importantly, pray. it helps. good luck to all who will be taking =D
  8. I just want to ask, what if you didn't do anything about the Ca nclex 3 year letter without SSN? are you really going to take the exam again when you re-apply by examination? won't pearson vue have like a record that you are passed and can be forwarded to Ca again when you re-apply? i was just wondering if this can be done since it's quoted that "Nclex don't expire and once you passed it you never have to take it again." unless this is only for US citizens. thanking in advance.
  9. shybaby09

    NLE and lost cases.. what to do?

    lol! seroiusly, a vault? well, i think she lost that notebook where she wrote her cases. your classmate, how did she know which ones were her cases of all the records? can she just copy whatevers then? is that possible? of course it should fall on the date where she had the duties. i guess thats her only way, to go to the hospital's records. she even tried calling the school already and they can't do anything about it and they wouldn't even help her think of a way.
  10. Has anyone here lost his or her cases? the cases needed to take for the local board exams (NLE)? what did you do? as in really lost..there's no way to retrieve them anymore. im inquiring for a friend. please help! thanks!
  11. shybaby09

    need help on my situation

    ok, i understand there is no shortcuts for anyone. but with the retrogression going on, can i still take the nclex? will they still give an ATT? i just want to be over with the exam already.
  12. shybaby09

    need help on my situation

    i'm a chinese citizen in the philippines although i was born here but i followed my dad's citizenship so i'm not taking the NLE anymore since i don't have plan to work here and i heard i can take it and get my scores but i wouldn't even be a RN here so i don't wanna go through that hassle anymore. i'm planning to take my nclex but i can't just decide which state to choose. can anyone help me? which state is the fastest with the least requirements? i don't have a license here in the phil neither do i have experience, no SSN, no CGFNS but i passed my IELTS though.