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  1. Never enough time....

    I haven't been on this forum since I passed my NCLEX... I just wanted to know if i'm the only one that feels this way.... So I ended up having my first job at a SNF. People call call the facility i work at a step down. So we have many admission...
  2. So happy I passed

    CONGRATULATIONS NURSE!! :balloons: :biggringi :smiley_aa :yelclap:
  3. Question from California....

    Thanks everyone! I actually got my license within 14 days same as my results from my test :) I appreciate the feedback! Miss SubQ
  4. Relieved!

    CONGRATULATIONS NURSE!! :monkeydance: :biggringi
  5. Recommendations?!?!?

    Hi Everyone, While I'm waiting for calls and in the process looking for a job. I decided that I should brush up on some reading in the mean time. I really want to brush up on my Med-Surg. I wanted to know everyone's opinion LVN's and students are w...
  6. Question from California....

    Thank you The Commuter...I can always count on you for your input :) Miss SubQ
  7. Question from California....

    So I got an on the spot interview today :) Pretty good, right? So I knew for sure that I was going to get hired. Only problem!!! I don't have my license number yet. I turned it in last friday afternoon. Can anyone that got their license in California...
  8. OH my GOSH! I PASSED..

  9. I cannot find a job as a LPN in California..Very sad :(

    It's TRUE!! They are looking for LVN's with at least 6 months experience! It sucks but i'm sure there are places out there that are really looking for people. Just keep trying.....at least thats what im doing. I applied in person and online....someon...
  10. help getting a job

    Hey Bryan24. I am trying to search all these threads looking for answers to the same questions. I've talked with other people that have just passed nclex also. They said that it was fine to apply for a job and to just explain your current status: a...
  11. It's OFFICIAL....

    Thank you all...Now time for the next step IV certification then im out to look for a job!! Thanks again all :icon_hug:
  12. It's OFFICIAL....

    I just got my results today!! I PASSED!! Thank you to everyone on here that gave me support, hope, and inspiration. I really appreciate this site for calming my nerves while I waited for my results!! For everyone that is still waiting for their resul...
  13. 2nd Attmp "I Passed"

    Congratulations!! Miss SubQ
  14. Passed the LVN Boards at 85

  15. Testing Results in California

    Thanks TheCommuter. I've been hearing about how fast or slow they've been getting their results. When I get them I guess I get them. No use in "having a cow" about them now. Whatever my results are, are what they are. Just keeping the faith and hopin...