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  1. Did I do the right thing?

    As a new school nurse myself i would have done exactly the same. I too started to doubt myself after the head lac i got last week.
  2. head laceration

    Thank you everyone for your input, theres just so much to learn. My background is in l&d and the only bleeding i get is vaginal bleeding ...and i dont put a guaze on that, lol.
  3. head laceration

    Hi everyone, I am a newbie school nurse that is seeking advice. First of I like to say: You guys are amazing! I did not realize how much you guys do until I became a school nurse myself. Anyways, I had a kindergartener who was running outside and...
  4. lost all self-esteem

    thanks everyone for the esteem boaster, it always makes me feel better letting it out on this chat. And thanks a whole bunch bagladyrn, I think what you describe is what had happened, it all make sense now.
  5. lost all self-esteem

    I have been in L&D for a little over a month now and have been feeling pretty good until the other night. I had a patient walk in a half a hour before the end of shift and when I checked her I swore she was complete, I didn't feel any cervix jus...
  6. primip

    At what station do you call the ob to come in for a patient that is a primip? I had a patient that is fully dilated for three to four hours before my mentor said that it is time to call, I'm so confused with the timing on when to call the ob. When ...
  7. cytotec question

    Thank you everyone for your response, all the answers really helped. I work at a small community hospital and usually there is only two or three nurses a shift but on that night the other two nurses called in sick and I was left with one registry nu...
  8. cytotec question

    The babys EFM strip looks good and is reactive but only mom is contracting every minute, so is it necessary to try to stop the contractions? thanks for the reply.
  9. cytotec question

    Hi I'm a new nurse in L&D and have a question for the experienced L&D nurses. What can you do if the patient is contracting too much after cytotec insertion? I had a patient that was contracting every minute but the doctor didn't want to st...
  10. referral

    Hi, I am interested in doing some private duty nursing in S.California, can any recommend an agency for me to call, thanks.
  11. questions for NPs

    Hi everyone, I need to do an interview with a NP and was wondering if anyone here can answer my interview questions for my APN Role Development course? I can do it by this bulletin,email, phone, or in person. I live in Los Angeles. Here are the qu...
  12. orientation for travel nurse

    Hi I am thinking about doing some per diem shift at some correctional facilities in CA, I was wondering if anyone knows if they usually give an orientation to contract/travel nurses, how long is orientation, and if there is one what does the orientat...
  13. Not ELMN but with BSN

    Yes ELMN I meant Entry Level Master's. I am interested in the FNP program and have been a nurse for 2 1/2 years in ICU and Labor/Delivery,I will have more experience by the time I apply and start school. From reading the threads it seems like it is...
  14. Not ELMN but with BSN

    Hi I was wondering if anyone know if it is much less competive getting into a MSN program if you already have a BSN vs ELMN.
  15. gpa 3.2

    Gasspasser, thank you for your honest opinion in this matter. I do agree with you...but I just did not want to give up so easily. I guess I am trying to look at it in a pessismistic way....I am going to take some chemistry course and physics and ho...