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  1. Document what is said verbatim and then talk to your assigned faculty at the school. The faculty should be able to assist you in taking this information to the appropriate person at the hospital. This issue may even need to be resported to the State Board of Nursing - again, consult your faculty at school. Don't let it drop. Be prepared to go forward and quote chapter and verse of what was said and when. If your faculty is hesitant (sometimes they hate to make waves as clinical slots for students can be hard to obtain) go above his/her head to the director of your program. In our state (AZ) we can also make a confidential report to the Board of Nursing, all done 'online'. I commend your professional attitude and your ethics. Keep pursuing this as this is a person who may need help but in the meantime shouldn't be spreading these thoughts in a nursing area.
  2. AZ Nurse

    Drug seeking or real pain? How do you tell?

    The best reference for pain management information is a book by Chris Pasero and Margo McCaffery called "Pain Assessment and Pharmoacologic Management". It is what I call the bible of pain management. You have identified a real issue - pain vs drug seeking. When the person has addictive disease that complicates the issue. There is no sure method of weeding out the drug seeking from real pain. The addictive disease patient may have real pain and then it is even harder to treat often as their tolerance is even higher. Try looking in this book under chapter 2, page 32. The other thing you can do it go to the American Society for Pain Management Nursing site (www.aspmn.org ) and click on "The Organization" then look on the right hand side for a shaded area with a list of topics. Toward the bottom you will find "position papers". That may be of help. Finally, the ASPMN list serve is a wonderful tool and I don't believe that it is limited to members - join that (directions on that site) and ask this same question of the pain management professionals on that list serve. Good luck.
  3. AZ Nurse

    Can you become a CNA after level 1 of nursing school?

    If you are talking about a 'Certified' nursing assistant position...then no, you can't. A CNA has gone through a state board approved program/curriculum and had a set amount of supervised clinical practice in the CNA role. You might be able to get someone to hire you as a nursing assistant.
  4. AZ Nurse

    receiving pts from ED without verbal report

    I think we work in the same place! I too believe that nothing really replaces the person to person discussion about a patient prior to transfer. Guess they will wait till there is a "event" until they change it.
  5. AZ Nurse

    personal gripe about new doctor

    Ask the "new" doctor for evidence based literature to support his/her position, that of claiming the test done by the specialist was invalid. Then be prepared to show him/her the literature that supports the test that the specialist has done (calling or emailing the specialists office should get you information on this). Then be prepared to present your case on continued following based on the recommendations found in the literature. This takes some work on your part but should enable you to present your case in a professional/competent manner. Good luck.
  6. AZ Nurse

    New Pain Management Practice

    Pain Assessment and Pharmacologic Management is the name of Chris & Margo's book. As I said before, they cover everything.
  7. AZ Nurse

    New Pain Management Practice

    Pain management is my passion in nursing. Some of the best information I have received has been from other pain management nurses. Go to the American Society for Pain Management Nursing website www.aspmn.org and click on 'organization'. Then go down the list to position papers. You will find a wealth of informaiton there. Some positions papers are written jointly with the American Pain Society. The other thing is that you should purchase the Pain Management book by Chris Pasero and Margo McCaffery. They cover EVERYTHING you would ever want to know. They also have extensive bibs at the end of their chapters which will provide you with evidence based material to back up the ifnormaton. Lastly - become a member of ASPMN and join the listserve. You can put out a request for anything you want and pain management professionals from all over the US and Canada will be happy to share policies/procedures etc. I have learned tons from just reading the listserve. Good luck.
  8. AZ Nurse

    Totally Gross! Had to share...

    Isn't nursing grand. And we pay money to go to school and learn how to care for these people! I still wouldn't do any other job even though I have had similar patients.
  9. AZ Nurse

    What are job prospects for new ADN grad in Phoenix?

    You might want to go to the universities and find what credits would transfer for a BSN. It may not take you as long as you think. There are still ADN employment opportunities. As a new grad you may not get into the exact area you want but you can usually get on board with some facility...put in a 6mo or a year and then try for a transfer (if you still want another area) after that time.
  10. AZ Nurse

    New Pain Management Practice

    You post is several months old....but if you haven't already found it try going to the American Society for Pain Management Nursing site ( www.aspmn.org) and they have an email list serve that has thousands of pain management specialists throughout the North American continent on it. They are usually very willing to share all sorts of information.