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  1. nightsinBoston

    ED Report

    I have to figure out how to delete this. I meant to post in pediatrics, not the PICU
  2. nightsinBoston

    ED Report

    Our hospital has gone the way from verbal report to handoff in the computer. As time has gone on, a lot of the nurses write the most minimal of report. If the doc has written their note, at least you knew why the child came in and what they did for them. The latest is put hand off in the computer and send the child up. (at change of shift, of course) 9 minutes from the call that report was in to the child being on the floor. No time to set up at all. Not time to prioritize how sick the child is. Last week I walked into another nurses room because the IV pump was beeping. It was sitting on the bed. Nurse did not know the patient was there and the IV pump had not arrived. What is the practice in your hospital?
  3. nightsinBoston


    Our ER started with verbal reports, then went to faxed reports. We now get virtually no report at all. We can have as little as 10 minutes notice. The online reports we can see, consist of vital signs and meds given. We might be able to look at the doctors notes, but often no note is written until after the patient hits the floor. I am so worried that something bad is going to happen. Last night we got a patient that the floor doctors didn't even get report on. ER said, well if they need report they can come down and get it. It isn't a courtesy, it's protocol. I am so worried.
  4. nightsinBoston


    How do you get admissions from the ER? Verbal report, computer generated? Do you feel ready to take care of your patient?
  5. nightsinBoston

    Ever heard of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

    We have had a couple of kids with tuberous sclerosis. Two were sibs, Mom did not know she had it until the second child got diagnosed. Her cousin came in with a child who had it also. There was one other child who likely had the diagnosis, she had greater than 30 cafe au lait spots, low set ears, developmental delays. The problem with this disease is you only need one gene to pass it on. You can't guess how bad off your children will be. All of these children were delayed, the first two severely. Good for you in doing so well. I wish you luck in your endeavors.

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