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  1. ladyluck1111

    RN licensing

    I live in North Dakota. Rather than contact the licensing bureau in each state, I'm putting it out here- ND has a 5-year forgiveness law for misdemeanors, i.e. simple assault domestic. I'd like to hear what people from other states who've had to face this have found. I'd appreciate replies in case I decide to do traveling nursing or to move. Thank you.
  2. ladyluck1111

    back on the horse

    thank you so much for taking the time to give me so much valuable advice. i'll remember this. i need all of the advice i can get from people who've been strong enough and wise enough to endure this "obstacle course". i'm hoping that i have the critical thinking faculties that you're talking about or that it's something that comes with experience. thanks again.
  3. ladyluck1111

    back on the horse

    Hi, I'm alexis. Ten yrs ago I went from dental assisting straight in to BSN program. They took all my prereqs from yrs ago and just let me in first try. All i heard was how tough the school was going to be and that it would be even worse when i got out in the field.. "nurses eating their young" thing. I was a nervous wreck. I didn't feel comfortable touching the patients and they sensed it. A couple teachers noticed and one even told me that I didn't belong in nsg. Got 3 A's and 2 B's first semester. Second semester I was only in 1 month. We got no assistance from the teachers in my perception. I had heard that this semester was going to be the toughest and the one weeded out the students who weren't up to snuff. Anyway (omitting the grueling details) I ended up dropping out. I'm sure this displeased the instructor who was in charge of me for clinicals. She didn't get the pleasure of putting me thru more stuff for the rest of the semester. Since then I've worked phone jobs mostly and haven't been happy. I keep thinking that I've sold myself out. My friend started working as a CNA and loves it. I'm starting CNA training tomorrow. I'll be working in a LTC facility. I'm scared but I'm excited too. If I decide to go back to school there's a two-year RN program offered here. First year is LPN. I'm hoping that by starting from the ground up I might gain some confidence and find out if it's really for me or if that instructor was right. I'm praying that it's for me. I need to find my niche. I'm not getting any younger...not mentioning my age. Wish me luck. Thanks for listening.
  4. ladyluck1111

    glutting the market with ADN's

    With al. the nurses being pumped out especially with the new ADN programs I think no dak is going to see an switch over to an employee's market. Agencies are offering scholarships to people who aren't even employed by them. Some have to be paid back and others can be worked off. I'd like to know from the new grads how easy it is to get a job without experience?
  5. ladyluck1111

    criminal background check

    Every state's different. In my state they have a 5 year forgiveness policy. If your charge wasn't a felony and you've been good for the last 5 yrs you can still get licensed. I had a simple assault domestic. Be honest. Just tell your story and supply the documentation if/when they request it.
  6. ladyluck1111

    Which field makes more money?

    I agree with Lovablelvn...don't go in it for the money. Those are the ones that end up "eating their young."
  7. ladyluck1111

    How to become a traveling nurse?

    I want to go into nursing to become a travel nurse. I think it would be interesting and exciting; wondering how many years of experience it usually requires. Anybody with this experience please reply and would appreciate any other words of advice pro or con... Thanks
  8. ladyluck1111


    Hello, I'm thinking about going for a 2 yr RN in North Dakota. I have a charge of simple assault domestic on my record from 7 yrs ago. I haven't checked with the licensing board in ND yet but I'm thinking that this will prevent me from getting licensed. Can anybody tell me anything about this? Lady luck:(