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  1. The good thing is that you are young and you also have a good background which you can still combine with a nursing degree,nursing is a rewarding career , with nursing, you career options is very versatile, you can be a nurse manager, you can be an admisitrator,school nurse, flight nurse,have your own nursing staffing agency,have your own nursing home,work in doctors office, set your own schedule, you can decide to work seven days and take the rest of the month off by way of working registry or per diem,you can also utilise your accounting backgroung and be the chief nursing financial officer,the opptiunities are endless. i do not think your are making a mistake because no education is a waste, you can always build upon your education and use it as opprtunities present it self. About cleaning poop, most bedside nurses clean poop as part of their daily routine, but some nurses do not clean poop, for example if your are a case manager or a marketing clinical nurse or if you work in the insurance company or pharmacy sales rep nurse, it depend on where you work. i love nursing ,but the only drawback for me sometimes is the stress that sometimes comes from family member and some back stabbing co worker, which male nurses handle better than women, Male nurses also have better chances of becoming managers, also male nurses get better respect from doctors, family members ,co workers. i will say if nursing is something you feel strong about go for it:nurse:
  2. janenkoli

    From airline pilot to nursing student?

    Nursing is a high stress job,and sometimes you do not get the respect your deserve for being a profesional,with the doctors, you have to set your limits with some of them that act disrespectful, but as a male , you will get more respect from doctors, nurses, patients and family members, not to say that they do not respect female nurses. Male nurses handle the stress of nursing better than female nurses because of being who they are(male) they do not take life as serious,male nurses also tend to get up the career leather faster than their female counterparts for reason i can,t explain here:twocents:, i will reserve my . As a nurse, you may not become a millionaire but you will make decent wage to support yourself and family, there are different areas of nursing, you do not have to work as a bedside nurse, you can start your own business, work for insurance companies,pharmacy sales rep,nurse consultant, case management,school nurse etc. To be a nurse all you need is to be a peoples person and willing to make conpromise when the need arise and you will never be out of work. Hope this helps.
  3. janenkoli

    CNA, why does it seem like I'm being tossed around?

    Go to lifecare center of paradise valley , i know they do cna class in exchange for working for them for x amount of time,i do not know if lifecare center of glandale have the same program. if not go to nursing homes and ask the cnas how and where they get theirs from, cnas will have more information for you in your area.H:nurse:ope this helps.
  4. janenkoli

    Don't touch that!

    You can fix this problem by communication,by communication i mean, nurses should communicate their concerns to the nurse manager, who will inturn communicate your concerns to the Md in charge because this is pt safety issues and should be addressed immediately.
  5. janenkoli

    lvn pay in los angeles ca

    what is the avarage pay for dialysis lvn in los angeles ca
  6. this seem to be a pattern in the vetrans affairs system, i resigned my job at the vetrans affairs due to such harrasments you mention,some of this supervisiors will do anything to tarnish you reputation.i think you are making the best decision to look for a new job. the mental stress is not worth it.in my own care my mistake was letting any one know that i just passed my rn nclex, they paniced because they know that once am working in the same capability as them, i will have the same authority as they do. if i will ever work for the vetrans again, i will have my masters degree and not have to deal with those stupid politics and carniving *******
  7. janenkoli

    correction and dialysis

    Where or how do inmates get their diaysis treatment
  8. janenkoli

    i just moved to phx yesterday

    Can anyone help me with Rn position in Phx area. Am a new graduate, i need work, please give me some leads
  9. janenkoli

    American Career College a good choice?

    I graduated from American career college in 2004 and it was a good option for me because it is a fast paced program and there was no waiting list. i personaly think i will go through with this program again if am to do it over again. i know it is very expensive but look at the positive side, your gf will graduate in one year instead of waiting for one year to get into community college program in which her chances of getting in right away is slim because of long waiting list and competition because the program is less expensive, so a lot of people are waiting to get in because of the fee.
  10. janenkoli

    Comparison of US and UK pay

    I enjoyed this post.It is an eye opening experince for me reading all the post. I have friends in the UK. I have decided to stay put in the US since i cannot handle the workload in the Uk.I am glad i live in california now more than ever. ;)There is an adage that says that a traveler is much wiser than an aged person:lol2:
  11. janenkoli

    I need a Buddy!

    my friend took hers on 2nd and it caught off at 75 and she passed. what books did you use.
  12. janenkoli

    pay scale (rate) in HI

    what is the current pay rate in HI for an Rn. thx for your reply
  13. janenkoli

    Feeling no support from my husband at all...

    In my community there is a saying that(once they get their Rn licence, they leave their husbands) most nurses leave their husbands because the men become lazy and expect the wife to shoulder all the responsibilities because quote and quote with one overtime,($600) or two overtime($1200) per a pay period she can manage to pull that off, so why should he work two weeks to make that same amt. he will rather babysit and let the wife work. The moment most men feel your are doing well taking care of their responsibilities they tend to relax.Then they remember that their boss is a pain in their a!!!!!!!!!!. think about this and give your self a break, because if any thing happens to you , he gets another wife.
  14. janenkoli

    dialysis school in los angeles ca

    Am thinking about going to dialysis school to get proper training before becoming a dialysis nurse, do anybody know any good school. thanks
  15. janenkoli

    PhD in California

    I think university of phenix have a program for phd. give them a call and ask the academic adivser all your questation including other schools that have phd program.