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  1. It seems like allnurses has evolved into a forum for those considering nursing programs. I was hoping I could get information about an area in Texas for nursing jobs - mainly Granbury, Brownwood, Comanche, and Bluff Dale. Does anyone have any know any thing about these areas? Here are my original and second posts: I look forward to hearing from anyone! Thank you!
  2. bluewolf9193

    Protocol for incentive spirometry?

    Hello Y'all, Just wondering if your hospital has any protocols for using incentive spirometers? Does your hospital require a physician's order? Who teaches it - the nurse or respiratory therapist or cardiac rehab? Traditionally, incentive spirometers have been used for post surgical patients. What about the post extubated patient or the general medical patient? I feel there are many medical patients that could benefit from use of incentive spirometers, too. Your thoughts?
  3. bluewolf9193

    Nursing Pin for $115

    Yep, I shelled out $96 for my nursing pin that is so TINY that you can barely read what it says - not even 14K, either! So if 30 years from now I'm wearing it, one would have to have their eyeball plastered to my chest to see what it says. I bought a basic Registered Nurse pin to wear at work - larger and easier to see.