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bluewolf9193 ASN, BSN, MSN, PhD, NP

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bluewolf9193 has 15 years experience as a ASN, BSN, MSN, PhD, NP and specializes in Cardiac ICU.

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  1. bluewolf9193

    Safe Staffing in Illinois: Not Over Yet

    It is a shame that there isn't as much support for nurses in Illinois. So much is required and micromanaged and added to the bedside nurse's platter. 6 patients are the minimum ratio. If they budgeted more nurses, they wouldn't get their raises this year....But wait! This year they cancelled OUR yearly bonus (usually around $200), put off merit raises until August, and then GAVE two CEOs of our organization $45 million dollar raises - EACH! They said they COULDN'T give us our bonuses or raises because of our organization taking over another organization and the cost of going to a new EHR system. Really?! Really! Reminds me of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation...except it is not a one-year jelly of the month...
  2. bluewolf9193

    Name for New Grad/New Hire Newsletter in ICU

    Hello Ruby Vee, Thank you for your response for ideas on what to name a newsletter for new grads/new hires in ICU. We already have a monthly newsletter for all our nurses in ICU. However, we have found that there is a specific need to help engage our new people. Right now we are going through staffing changes due to many moving on to CRNA school, so we are developing a quarterly newsletter specifically for our new people to help them acclimate to our Unit. I've received fantastic feedback from our nurses along the lines of what I wish my preceptee knew about our ICU.
  3. bluewolf9193

    Nurses Week Gifts that Knock You Off Your Feet

    We had a "random" drawing with ALL the nurses names put in a hat for about 25 giveaways daily. However, each day when the names were posted, the names were first name alphabetical (A-F on the first day with G-L on the second, K-O on the third, and so forth). I found this very odd. After all, there was only ONE "B" on the first list so I knew I wouldn't win anything for the following days.
  4. Hello everyone, I am developing a newsletter just for our new grads/new hires in ICU - trying to think of a catchy name - any ideas? Haven't found any topics like this here and I'm hoping for some clever responses. Thanks!
  5. bluewolf9193


    Hmm...good question. I am also considering Capella.
  6. bluewolf9193

    Hood/Erath/Palo Pinto?

    Hello, Does anyone on this forum work for any of the hospitals outside of Fort Worth - namely Erath and Hood Counties? Or even Palo Pinto? Please tell me about your hospital and you job satisfaction. I am an experience critical care nurse. Moving soon and trying to get a feel for the place. Thank you!
  7. bluewolf9193

    PhD Nursing Student Blog

    I loved reading your blog, mam023. It has inspired me as I consider what is next when I finish my MSN in June. I am focused in nursing education, yet, aside from instruction, I am wondering if going further - either in educational leadership or PhD in research, would be a smart move. I am an older (55) non-traditional student and I figure I will continue working until I'm 100 (yes, that IS my goal!). What institution are you at? Do you work as well? Thanks and good luck!
  8. It seems like allnurses has evolved into a forum for those considering nursing programs. I was hoping I could get information about an area in Texas for nursing jobs - mainly Granbury, Brownwood, Comanche, and Bluff Dale. Does anyone have any know any thing about these areas? Here are my original and second posts: I look forward to hearing from anyone! Thank you!
  9. bluewolf9193

    Gordon, Graford, or Bowie area?

    Hello y'all, I posted this in late January and haven't rec'd any replies: Since then, we have widened our search to include Graford, Gordon, and Bowie TX. Can anyone tell me what they think about these places? Sure would like to find the same kind of charm like we found in Granbury. Your thoughts?
  10. bluewolf9193

    Protocol for incentive spirometry?

    Hello Y'all, Just wondering if your hospital has any protocols for using incentive spirometers? Does your hospital require a physician's order? Who teaches it - the nurse or respiratory therapist or cardiac rehab? Traditionally, incentive spirometers have been used for post surgical patients. What about the post extubated patient or the general medical patient? I feel there are many medical patients that could benefit from use of incentive spirometers, too. Your thoughts?
  11. bluewolf9193

    Brownwood Regional Medical Center

    Hello, We are considering a move to a retirement property in Comanche TX. Brownwood Regional Medical Center is now offering $15K sign on bonus for experienced nurses AND $10K loan forgiveness AND relocation allowance - is this too good to be true? We drove through Comanche (ghost town) and Brownwood (rough city). We found better real estate prospects in Bluff Dale and fell in love with Granbury. We haven't found the perfect property yet so we are expanding our search. Can't help but think we should take a second look at Comanche. I'm not worried about getting a job (I'm experienced ICU and finishing my MSN). We may even become snow birds. Most hospitals that offer incentive bonuses usually have difficulty in keeping staff. Is Brownwood any different?
  12. bluewolf9193

    Naming a new CC orientation program

    Hello! Trying to think of a clever acronym for our unit's new critical care onboarding orientation program. We had used ECCO in the past, but now we are developing our own. The trick is that it must be catchy and creative. Any ideas?
  13. bluewolf9193

    Your first nurse educator job?

    Hello! There may be a few LPN programs that permit BSN RNs to facilitate teaching (a friend of mine does this with her BSN in IL). Online teaching is pretty much MSN and above. Another idea is to look up your state's CNA Train the Trainer course. In Illinois, that is for any RN and, once completed, you can teach in CNA programs. What school are you going to for your MSN? I'm at Grand Canyon University MSN Nurse Educator program. Good luck!
  14. Hello, I am considering obtaining my MSN in Nursing Education from GCU. I obtained my BSN from GCU in 2015. Has anyone done the MSN at GCU? I've looked through the forums and I can only find comments from many years ago or people working on their BSN from GCU. BSN. I'm looking to see how you liked the program and such - obtaining my BSN from GCU was not as difficult as I expected, what can I expect from the MSN progam? Thank for your thoughts about this.
  15. bluewolf9193

    MSN Nursing Ed with no clinicals?

    Thank you, HouTx!
  16. bluewolf9193

    MSN Nursing Ed with no clinicals?

    I obtained my RN to BSN via Grand Canyon University last year - I loved the online format and it went pretty quickly. I'm considering doing my Masters in Nursing Education. However, does anyone know of MSN programs that do NOT require in-person clinicals that can be completed 100% online? Thanks for your input!

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