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  1. kendimann

    Fastest state to apply for NCLEX

    Do you mean that the school and not the applicant is the one who will send all the requirements needed for the Application for Licensure in Vermont? or the applicant can still send the requirements as long as he obtains the transcript of records? what do you mean by this? do you mean that in order to receive ATT from Vermont, you have to work 400 hrs in the last 2 years or 900 hrs in the last 5 years as a REGISTERED NURSE? What if you are just a new graduate? Was your hospital experience as a student nurse enough for this requirement?
  2. to anyone of you who already took the nclex for the state of vermont or who knows what to do in the following, pls help me in some of my concerns: concern 1: important note: if your nursing education language of instruction, and textbooks for the nurse's program you attended were not in english you must apply first to cgfns. you may contact them at: 215-349-8767. 1. do i still need to apply for cgfns? i mean i am from the philippines but my nursing education language of instruction and textbooks were in english? am i suppose to apply or not? concern 2: i have practiced nursing as defined in 26 v.s.a. 1576, for at least (check the appropriate statement): ____120 days (960 hours) in the last 5 years ____50 days (400 hours) in the last 2 years place of employment: dates of employment: from: to: 2. am i suppose to be the one who should answer this? what am i suppose to check? i studied nursing for 4 years but i do not practice it yet as a professional. what am i suppose to check and to put in the employment? concern 3: additional question, do i need to work for the state of vermont before they could endorse me to other state? pls help me..thanks in advance
  3. kendimann

    Question dilema

    A leaking CSF is more life-threatening than a 2 inch laceration. Bleeding is NOT ALWAYS the priority. You should first analyze and know the situation before you decide for an anwer and not just stick that BLEEDING is ALWAYS the priority.
  4. kendimann

    work abroad w/out experience.. possible?

    I do not have any hospital experience as a RN but as a SN, I have so many. Anyway, can any hospital in the US accept me evn if I only have a tourist visa, a walk-in applicant and do not have any hospital experience?
  5. kendimann

    Philippines News August 30-Sept5 issue

    OK..with all these talks,,,tell me, what are we NLE June 2006 takers suppose to do?!?!?! What will happen to us? Is America still going to accept us?! After four hard years of studying every concept that we need to know about nursing, it looks like that our hardships are going to put to waste!!!
  6. kendimann

    Report these to the physician ASAP!!

    What are the things that should be reported to the physician right away?
  7. kendimann

    No ATT for Filipino nurses

    I am very frustrated to see on some of the threads here that states in the US do not issue ATT to Filipino nurses who passed their application for licensure after the June 2006 NLE here in the Philippines. Why is that so? How long will it last? How will us, Filipino nurses know that they are already issuing ATT? Are we allowed to pass our application for licensure anytime we want or should we wait until the leakage issue is over? I do not know why this is happening. As far as i know, NCLEX does not require you to be a RN in your country before you could take the exam (except for the CGFNS state of course). I am really confused and I really do not know what to do. Please help us. I know that I am not the only one who have all these concerns.

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