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lucyluv specializes in Women's Health, Geriatrics, COMPASSION.

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  1. lucyluv

    Abortion Assistance RN

    Thank you all for your testimonials, which I am following whole-heartedly. I am still getting opinion, though. And that is not what I am looking for. What I am learning the most from are the postings from those who have worked in the field with AB. T...
  2. lucyluv

    Abortion Assistance RN

    Thank you for these words! I made it VERY clear that this is NOT a political thread. (Who could not be aware of the politics involved in this issue? I was not here posting to offend.) The fact is is that abortion IS LEGAL and is performed, and by pro...
  3. lucyluv

    Abortion Assistance RN

    This is NOT a political thread. I am looking to hear from RNs working in clinics assisting with abortion procedures. Due to a personal calling, I think I am cut out for the job (with training!!!), but really need an insiders view. Is it scary, i.e. d...
  4. lucyluv

    New Grad Nurse in San Francisco

    Hello all! I am new here. I have been looking at my prospects in SF as a new grad and it is tough. I recently found new grad program at St. Mary's. Anyone out there have an opinion about the program or the hospital itself (where I would end up workin...
  5. lucyluv

    How do I get started in HH

    As a graduate nurse I hear about ALL the nursing jobs out there, but they really funnel down when you cross out all those positions looking for experienced nurses. I further like to complicate things because I have never seen myself as a floor nurse,...