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    Hello all! I was in a car accident in April. Since then I have been suffering from horrific headaches. I've been under the care of doctor's and three different neurologists. I'm a hospice LPN, we've also been critically understaffed, we had a horrible heat wave in late July and our census keeps going up while we drown with a dwindling staff. So yes, we've been a little irritable. My threshold for handling stress is shrinking, I don't laugh and joke as much and I was in a fog and I was just exhausted. My short term memory was on overload because of the pain and the case load I had. My boss came to me and stated that I just wasn't the same - that I had had a personality change! SHE put me on forced medical leave. I saw my neurologist a few days later after I had had a Neuro-Psych battery. He said I was fine, I scored above- average in all area except short term memory and concentration, in those areas I scored average - and he felt that I should improve when the pain improved. This was the 2nd week of August. So he said, "Well, you sure could use some rest because next week I see you have three days of outpatient treatment schedule in the big city - so how does Labor Day sound to you?" And I said, "Sounds good to me!" So there you have it. I've been off nearly the entire month of August. Yes, I am grateful for the time off - but can your boss put you on medical leave like that? I had no complaints, no issues, no fights, no arguments, no med errors, no co-worker issues. I was just overwhelmed, in pain and in need of more staff - as we all did. Thanks for listening.