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  1. scrubing77

    Chamberlain FNP Program

    In Pharm now just finished up patho. Starting clincial in Sept, and have the assessment class next. So far i agree the patho was challenging and really made me work. The pharm is very informative.
  2. scrubing77

    Chamberlain school of Nursing

    The program is managable at least for me i work 3, 12 hour shifts but i dont have kids. The first year is mainly papers and general master stuff. The posts are much more involved. I did my BSN completion thur Chamberlain and for the masters the post are longer and you must have more artcle to site. Around a year is when the papers become more involve. Then when you move to the patho (just finished), pharm (just starting) the papers go away and the test start. The patho class was a beast and I stoped doing any overtime from that point on. The reading and understanding takes alot of your time. As for having a kid i cant speak about but for the last 2 to 3 classes I have felt a major differeance in the work load and how each class feeds into the next. As with any online program you must keep up with the work and dont let yourself fall behind.
  3. scrubing77

    Chamberlain FNP CLINICALS

    Both are true. I start my clinicals in Sept. They encourage you to find your own and do it early you have to have the process started 2 sessions before each one so for my Sept session i had to get the ok from the person and my part of the paper work in by the first of May. The contract is done between then and when i start. I myself have already found my next session site for end of Oct thru mid Dec. If I had not found a place by the first of May they would have helped me but they want us to look first. Luckly I have found 2 Dr.s who are welling to take me that have patients in the unit i work on. They do primary care and have primary care clinic.
  4. scrubing77

    RN Salary Survey 2013: Post here!

    1. State you work in 2. Years of experience 3. Specialty/unit and work setting (clinic, hospital, prison, etc) 4. Hourly Pay (base rate) or salary 5. Differentials (if any) 6. Union? 1. IL 2. 6 years 3. ICU Med/Surg/Neuro community hospital (150 bed hospital) 4. 31.15, (just got a market adjustment, previously 29.75). 5. 2.50 (3p-11p), 3.75 (11p-7a), 2.25 weekend. 6. Non- Union. 7. Great Tuition remebersment ($5000 a year) I added this and felt it was a great perk for the job.
  5. scrubing77

    What is your Achilles heel?

    When i worked in surgery and had to do enucleation and then they would put the eyeball on the mayo I would have to cover it up or i would faint.
  6. scrubing77

    What is your Achilles heel?

    I can feel ya there. When I was a surgical tech many years ago there was a patient who had a pilonidal cyst that had tracked up the to anal vault. It stunk up the whole OR. It was one of the worst smells I have every smelt.
  7. scrubing77

    Chamberlain FNP program

    I have heard some of your points from other post. The part about the extra time commitments. As for the other issues of lack of communications and liability concerns is a new one. Another thread someone bought up the issue of preceptors needing to do Skype meetings later in the evening or nights. But the other post after being questioned about student performance and readiness for the clinical part they said they had not experienced lack of understanding or performance issues vs brick and mortar schools just the extra commitment was the issue.
  8. scrubing77

    Chamberlain FNP program

    I have already started looking, 2 of the places this school already has agreements with for there other programs have gotten back to me. I have contacted 3 places that have school has agreements with. One said it was two early for sept of next year to get back with them around the first. The second said they are not sure if they have np's that meet the criteria but that i needed to fill out a form. So it is a good start.
  9. scrubing77

    FNP syllabuses and book names

    The fed loans i have gotten has covered all of my cost so far. As for this program i have no idea about problems later. So far chamberlain has a good name for it self so who knows. In the end with all the changes in health care and the decline of Dr's going in to family practice the job market are only going to get better. In the end if you pass the certification test at then you are at lest certified.
  10. scrubing77

    Chamberlain FNP program

    I don't believe that there is a minimal requirements for experience. The web site for the requirements is here Family Nurse Practitioner, MSN-FNP Chamberlain College . It says nothing about requirements about experience.
  11. scrubing77

    Chamberlain FNP program

    Well i have to tell you first before you talk and bring my name in to the subject I talk to the head person who is in charger of the practicums. Who I talk today. She was very nice but was up front about this is a new program and that they ADVICE the students to try and get all their practicum at one site. I did bring up my concerns about doing what hey ADVICE. As they put it the need to switch around could cause the student to delayed in finishing the program. She did say it was not a requirement and that it was a choice that would need to be work around. As she put it the first set of students would be starting their practicums in May. I am already in the program and I have one more class before i start the the track specific class. I am currently in the advice research class and the next class is the infromatics class after that is the population class. The program is new and they are working out the kinks. I have looked in to this program and also have talked with them for a while today. She was nice and all but the program is still working it all out. I finished my BSN completion program last september and started the master classes this past Nov. So before you bring my name into the subject you might want to think before you type.
  12. scrubing77

    FNP syllabuses and book names

    I had taken the NR-504 class it is different with a different focus. So it is a lesson learned. But it is worth it.I was in the informatics track and got a job in informatics and have been in that job for 8 weeks now. I am transitioning back to the bed side due to not being happy and also I have transitioned to the FNP program.
  13. scrubing77

    Chamberlain FNP program

    You do have to find your own sites. I have been talking to them they encourage the FNP students to find one site and do all 5 of the practicums at that site. I have some concerns due to lake of getting enough experience and trying to find someone who will make that long of a commitment which would be 10 months total. I am having a phone call with the practicum adviser just to get more information and to start looking now. I have a year before I start my practicum.
  14. scrubing77

    FNP syllabuses and book names

    I am have switched over to the his program and start the FNP classes in Nov. One more first year class to go. I will keep ya updated.
  15. scrubing77

    Stopping pressors during a code

    Just tring to find out if during a code in other faclities do they stop all pressors. I work in a 16 bed ICU community hospital. During codes I was taught to stop all pressors. Some of the older nurses who have not worked in the ICU for very long but use to a long time ago in other facilities have been telling us to stop them. But the experince nurses that have worked in this faclity say do so which is the best answer.
  16. scrubing77

    new RN's in specialty areas

    "i agree with you about facilities trying to fill slots but do you think that a new grad will be fully aware of the downside of these jobs? they sound good but then when you are in that situation of having a code plus other unstable pts and phones ringing and families. not to mention that just starting out in a new job is stressful in itself. i think that if the new nurse was aware of the not so nice sides of these areas they would be better prepared. schools do not train nurses for specialty areas you pretty much get the basics and then you are on your own. there are many people who walk away from nursing due to the fact that the real world isn't all rosy and clearcut as in school." this is true with all areas. at least in my program at school we had a class that at least addressed this. it give some understand to the students about the book world and the differences in the real world. also, not all but a big portion of the people going thru nursing school did some type of medical work before. i myself was a surgical tech for 9 years before i graduated from nursing school so i had a very good understanding of how the real world is.

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