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LooAndDoo has 14 years experience and specializes in Emergency.

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  1. LooAndDoo

    Angry mom treated rotten in ER today

    It sounds like the ER folks might have messed up.....but, sounds MORE like there is MORE to this story....
  2. LooAndDoo

    IV tips and tricks

    For tough IV starts, there is always the "wing and a prayer" approach that often works for me, and many other ER nurses I know. But, for REALLY tough sticks, we often now use our bedside ultra sound machine. It works great!!!: Find the vein, keep the probe over it gently and watch the screen while you guide the cannual into it.
  3. LooAndDoo

    WARSWITHFLOORS/Round 99,999

    Looking for a good faxed report form. Anyone using one that seems to placate floor and ER nurses? A one-pager is what I am looking for..... Pithy but good. THanks, Peace to the floor girls....