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AdultdayRN has 29 years experience and specializes in LTC, med-surge, adult day care.

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  1. AdultdayRN

    side rail use in private duty homecare

    Thank you. This is very helpful.
  2. AdultdayRN

    side rail use in private duty homecare

    Thanks everyone for your replys. The client is 80 years old can not walk only stand to pivot for transfers. I just feel uncomfortable leaving 4 rails up. I usually do 3 so he can help himself with bed mobility. I know nursing home and home care are very different. Just didn't know if all rails up at home is viewed the same as all rails up in a facility. These days you have to be so proactive yourself to protect your license in a world where people are sue happy. Thanks again.
  3. HI, have a question. Home care client has a hospital bed. If I use upper and lower side rails with this client, is that the same as facility nursing where all side rails are considered a restraint. I do private duty home care 12 hour night shifts. There are no orders concerning side rail usage. The family don't care if we use them or not. The case manager just told me to do what I thought needed to done to keep the client safe. I know in facilities where I have worked prior to this job it is considered false imprisonment. Am I doing wrong by using full upper and bottom side rails with this client?
  4. Hi Kentucky, I'm from western Ky just out side of the Paducah area. I love it here. Originally from Lansing Michigan. Been in Ky for over 24 years. Went to lpn school in Murray and rn school in Paducah. Great Schools. To all the nursing students here I say be strong you will survive. To all the nurses here I say thanks for sharing a profession that I love.
  5. AdultdayRN

    Happy Nurse Roll Call

    I worked in med-surge for 7 years and tired of it, I worked in long term care and tired of that. tried my hand at home care, md office and ambulatory care. Now I work for adult day care sevices in which we specialize in alzheimers disease. I love it. That is why I love nursing. So many areas to work, learn and explore.