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  1. FMLA and TBST

    Can we ask an employee who is on FMLA to come to the workplace to receive her TBST (which has expired) the week before she is scheduled to return from FMLA. Also can we call employees on FMLA to do telephone inservices on 100% employee mandatory topi...
  2. Carb counting and insulin in LTC

    We have had liberalize diets for a while and they have worked well with routine sliding scale. Our FNP has decided we are starting the carb counting. Our Med nurses are so busy now with everyone on numerous meds and vitamin supplements, I worry about...
  3. Carb counting and insulin in LTC

    Do you trust your CNAs to really LOOK at each tray and decide if they ate 1/2 of the 1/2 cup of corn,, etc or do your nurse check them herself? How do you figure in the chips, candy bars etc that they get from the snack machine and food family and fr...
  4. Carb counting and insulin in LTC

    Are any of you doing Carb counting versus sliding scale insulin? We are about to start this and have lots of concerns as to meal percent actually ingest by the resident, who monitors the percent eaten of each food and who counts the carbs and figures...
  5. EMTALA Survey

    the emergency medical treatment and active labor act (42 u.s.c. 1395dd, emtala) is a united states act of congress passed in 1986 as part of the consolidated omnibus budget reconciliation act. it requires hospitals and ambulance services to provide ...
  6. EMTALA Survey

    Have any of you ever been through an EMTALA Survey and if so what were they looking for , how long did it take to get the results and were there any fines involved?
  7. Doing Floor assessment in ED before admission

    Yes, you are right. It's the COMPLETE admission assessment. We are a 6 bed ED--rural, where 1 RN and if she's lucky, 1 LPN--no tech, no admission clerk, no triage nurse plus all 6P tp 7A calls are routed to Er for transfer to patient rooms or the app...
  8. How many of the ED's do the floor assessment on the patient before sending to their room. I mean the entire head to toe and psychosocial. I am really interested in Mississippi Rn's but would love to here from all. how do you work it in and not delay ...